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Mixed Breed, 2 Yrs

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Chiron Bobo - Mixed Breed Dog
For Adoption
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DogMixed Breed
ProfileMale, 3 Years 7 Months
BodyMedium Size, Medium Fur
ColorCream, White
LocationIskandar Medini, Johor
Posted29 Oct 2020 (Updated 23 Nov 2020)
Adoption FeeRM 150
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My name is Chiron Bobo but everyone calls me Bobo. I was rescued when I was about 3-4 months old. I cannot remember my mum or siblings. At a very young and fragile age, I had to struggle to survive. I used to live on the street on my own, always hungry and lonely, until one day, two human brothers noticed me, and gave me some food to eat and water to drink.
I was so hungry any clean food tasted so good. I felt so grateful for the their kind heart to feed me with doggy food and not human food for once with fresh clean water to quench my thirst.
Previously, drinking rain water, and hardly having any food, only scraps I can find was my normality. After they left saying goodbye to me, I felt sad, hoping they would come back soon to see me again.
Feeling full, I fell asleep on the side of a quiet road. When I opened my eyes, recognizing a car coming, I felt a warm sensation in my chest, hoping it was the 2 human brothers coming to feed me nice food again.
In fact, this time, they invited me to enter their car. That was my first time in a car. I was afraid not knowing what will happen next. But, I trusted them. I went through a nice shower and grooming. That was when I realised that I was not a grey dog but cream instead ! I felt so fresh and clean. The dirt must have given me an impression that I was never born cream in colour.
When we arrived to their house, there were several doggy mates to play and became my friends. As days went by, we were playing and eating and sleeping together. One cat in particular seems to adore me, licking me daily with its prickly kitty tongue. His name is Pierre. His mum and brother are also looking for a permanent human mummy and daddy.
As for me, I had some bad experiences with being adopted and then being mistreated. I felt so depressed and abused with the cold harsh treatments given to me. As GOD’s property and creation, it was natural for me to pray to the almighty. Somewhat, God answered my prayers and the abusive human who adopted me somehow returned me back to my foster human brothers. I could not imagine going back to the streets again. I have anxieties for that.
Since then, I need time to trust humans. I realised that not all humans are as nice as the 2 brothers. Thereon, I needed more time to be convinced that I shall be loved till my last breath, each time somebody is interested in me.
I can sense if a human is not sincere in having me. Sometimes, I do test them how patient would they be to adopt me. Some gave up before even giving themselves a chance because they have no experience and had the right intentions or knowledge about calming me.

Sometimes I wished human would have learnt from “Mr. Caesar Millan – The Dog Whisperer” now easily available in their weird devices that has this weird apps called Youtube. There are many ways to calm anxious dog like me. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
I am still waiting for the right humans to love me unconditionally and not chain and lock me out of their home as I have been raised as an indoor dog since I was a puppy. I can be a lap dog with the right loving humans. I am used to sleep with humans, watch movies and watch them eat. If I am lucky, I get some meat to enjoy even though I know quality dog food is better for my health.
I do enjoy daily walks and it is important for my human parent good health and mine too. Sometimes I pee and poo indoor. I need loving human family that would understand my nature because I am not good with children as they used to make fun of me, where I ended being the bad dog eventually. I am very suitable in family of loving adults with no children. It was a traumatic experience for me.
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Before and after rescue
Before and after rescue

Happy boy
Happy boy

Am I cute or ?
Am I cute or ?

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Share your comments here2 Comments
LindaLowMsl   Oct 29th 2020 at 8:29PM
Hi...i am interested to adopt Chiron Bobo. Please contact me @. Thanks
MayNguyen   Dec 1st 2020 at 10:56PM
Hi, I’m interesting to adopt, please let me know if still available

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