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Reindeer - Domestic Short Hair Cat
For Adoption
CatDomestic Short Hair
ProfileMale, 2 Years 7 Months
ConditionSerious Injury
BodyMedium Size, Medium Fur
ColorGolden, White
LocationKuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Posted1 Feb 2021 (Updated 19 Mar 2023)
Adoption FeeRM 200
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Reindeer is an adorable orange tabby with green eyes looking for a home as a solo cat He has a chronic lower respiratory issue, and his care will cost more than average He loves to relax and is respectful of religion, and can become a pet ambassador
  PetGPT Nibbles
Estimated DOB: November 25, 2020

Description: Orange tabby with white markings and four white socks. Short, curved tail. Big green eyes


Reindeer was rescued on Jan 3, 2020. He was disorientated while walking in the rain. At the time there were many days of heavy rain and thunderstorm. He was also coughing a lot. Although the coughing became less intense, it persisted even after a few rounds of medication.

We changed different veterinarians whenever the medication was ineffective/too strong, or when the diagnosis is ‘there is no problem, lungs are clear'.

On April 17th, 2020 we brought Reindeer to consult a highly commendable veterinarian at Cyberlynx Animal Hospital. Through x-ray, Dr Teoh found that Reindeer has pneumonia and a consolidated lung lobe on the right side of his chest. This is considered as chronic lower respiratory issue.

Reindeer was then prescribed with antibiotics Marbofloxacin 10mg daily, nebulization and coupage 1-3 times per day. Now he is no longer on any antibiotics.

On May 28th, 2020 Reindeer did a second x-ray at Cyberlynx. Unfortunately, there is little to no improvement and it is an indication that this condition cannot reverse itself. That part of the lung is confirmed to be non-functioning. There are no veterinarian surgeons in Malaysia that can perform the surgery to remove the consolidated lung lobe.

Reindeer needs a home where he will strictly be a solo cat in the household. Alternatively, a household with another cat that has a consolidated lung lobe.

Because of his health condition, his care would cost more than the average. Based on my calculation, the recommended amount to spend on a cat is RM310 per month. In Reindeer’s case, it could go up to RM605 per month.

He will need 2 pumps of serotide inhaler at least 2 times a day.


Reindeer is insanely cute because of his big green eyes and four white socks. He can become a pet ambassador and any income from promoting pet products/services can be used to pay for his medical cost. An Instagram account bonjour_reindeer has been set up.

He likes company, especially during meal times to increase appetite. He does not like to be in a cage, the stress from it can cause a mental breakdown. He does alright with children. He will follow them around the house but keep a distance when the child is in hyperactive mode. He loves kid's tunnels. He is extremely respectful of the religious altar. He can often be found sleeping or meditating.

He likes to relax and be a couch potato. He is easy-going and well-behaved. He is easily bullied by dominant cats. He gets annoyed with poor manners.


If you are interested to adopt, please contact me and introduce your name, home, work/studies, and experience with pets. This will be followed by a video call, adoption contract, and pet delivery.




The following are medical conditions that adopters must agree to:

// The adopter agrees to bring Reindeer to Cyberlynx Animal Clinic Sdn Bhd whenever he needs medical attention.

// The adopter must determine which veterinary clinic or hospital to bring Reindeer for an emergency.

// The adopters agree to provide medical updates to the rescuers.

// The adopter agrees to go through a home trial for 1 month, instead of the standard 2 weeks.

// The adopter must be able to afford to buy nebulizer and Seretide inhaler.

// The adopter must be aware that Reindeer may need 8 to 12 weeks course of antibiotics if his condition unexpectedly deteriorates.

// The adopter must feed him at least 1 packet of wet food per day. Ideally, the adopter cooks chicken and gives chicken broth to Reindeer. This can help with his respiratory issues.

// If you are a US citizen and you are willing to bring Reindeer with you to your home country so that the consolidated lung lobe can be surgically removed, then you will have priority on the application process. However, you must find a reputable veterinarian surgeon and the estimated cost of the surgical procedures.


Medical charges from Cyberlynx Animal Clinic Sdn Bhd:

Consultation standard RM40

Consultation follow up brief RM30

Consultation subsequent multiple RM0

2 views x-ray RM80

1 strip Marbofloxacin 20mg RM75

If Reindeer requires to go to the vet, the range is estimated from RM105 to RM195

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Reindeer - Domestic Short Hair Cat

Reindeer - Domestic Short Hair Cat

Reindeer - Domestic Short Hair Cat

Reindeer - Domestic Short Hair Cat

Reindeer - Domestic Short Hair Cat

I like soft things.. like bubble wraps and blankets
I like soft things.. like bubble wraps and blankets

Oh what do you have there
Oh what do you have there

My tail is part of who I am. It’s also why I’m Reindeer
My tail is part of who I am. It’s also why I’m Reindeer

I jump right up to my human's body and lay there. I am very happy that I did that
I jump right up to my human's body and lay there. I am very happy that I did that

This is how I like to standstill. Many humans admire my paws.
This is how I like to standstill. Many humans admire my paws.

This is me waiting for my turn at the vet.
This is me waiting for my turn at the vet.

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Share your comments here5 Comments
mfiyus   Feb 20th 2021 at 9:20PM
Hi, is reindeer still available??
bon_rescue   Mar 22nd 2021 at 5:27PM
Hi Reindeer is available. Please refer to updated listing about his well-being
ShazzyRescues   Jun 5th 2021 at 1:06AM
Hi Bon, I am just dropping in to share some of my experience with a similar issue which my mco kitten (Mafia) had a year ago. This might help your potential adopters understand that What they could expected months down the road or more...

Mafia needed medical treatment from 2mths plus - a few weeks of oral meds and lots of nebulizer doses to help him feel much better. But with God’s Grace and proper care, he is now 1yr 4mths and he is in the best of health.

Adopting a sick kitten/cat like this doesn’t mean it would never be okay for them or they can never lead a normal life...it can be okay and they can do everything normal cats do...but we have to always be watchful and mindful of their change of behavior.

Bon is right. Having Reindeer as the only cat would be the best place for him for starters...any drastic change could be stressful for them to handle at the moment. So having this in mind would make it easier for you to know what to expect down the road with this new journey you’ll have with Reindeer!

Enjoy parenthood with this new fur-baby! 🙂
Yw1234   Jul 30th 2021 at 11:27PM
Just out of curiousty so a reputable surgeon would means nearly full sucess chances and he wouldn't need anything aditional anymore but the entire malaysia and some nearer countries don't have a suitable surgeon?
bon_rescue   Aug 18th 2021 at 9:54PM
Any surgery would have its risk and the surgeon would need to determine if he would be a suitable candidate for surgery. I have plans to check if any surgeon in SEA and Australasia can perform it

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