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Sunee, 3 Yrs

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Latte - Turkish Van Cat
For Adoption
CatTurkish Van
ProfileFemale, 3 Years
ConditionMinor Injury
BodyMedium Size, Short Fur
ColorBrown, Golden, White
LocationSubang Jaya, Selangor
Posted2 Jun 2021 (Updated 8 Jun 2021)
Adoption FeeFREE
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Update : recent adopter coudnt adopt for certain reasons, for future interested ppl please make sure you can adopt them first before reaching out, thank you!

Update 2 : Latte is the only one available now, the kitten is adopted.

Update 3 : Latte is pregnant currently, pls take note and prepare for her birth.

I prefer if you reached out in email from petfinder first, so i can then reach out to you by whatsapp or telegram. So dont be suprised if i pm you after your reach out.

Its a stray cat that suddenly appeared by the streets of USJ16. I have no idea how old is she, but she looks to be at least 3yrs+. Was pregnant when first found her, so temporarily kept her and helped her with birth. We didnt do the best job, but her kitten is healthy now.The pictures i put out are not most current, so they're not rlly accurate references if you are about to see if the mom is really pregnant or not. Please reach out to me, for whoever is interested. We'll discuss further there. I apopogize if the photos for the mom isnt clear enough, detail wise. I can take new ones if requested. Contact info will only be available after establishing a clear plan for adoption, for privacy reasons 👀🙏

Personality wise, the mom is rlly sweet, smart and clingy. Ive taught Latte how to sit with a open palm in her sights in a week. To this day she hasnt forgotten, but slightly she might've slowly forgotten cuz its been long since ive done it again, so maybe yall can pick it back up, hah. Btw, Latte's a clean freak. She'd call me to change her bed sheets once per few days, and she wont stop calling until sheets are changed. And when we bought toiletry sand, she woudnt stop rubbing it, calling us, until we opened it for her to use 😂

As a teen, i dont really know much in the must do for the strays, or have the financials to spay them or treat them. I can only hope to have someone adopt them asap, and theres that. I also dont have domestic pet experience, so i dont have a transport pet cage for their adoption. So pls consider preparing one for yourselves, as i cant buy one even if i wanted to, under my parents declined permission.
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Latte - Turkish Van Cat

Latte - Turkish Van Cat

Latte - Turkish Van Cat

Latte - Turkish Van Cat

Share your comments here5 Comments
LC2015   Jun 2nd 2021 at 11:24PM
Hi,I think the kittens are slightly less than 2mths old. Thus,I don't think the mama is pregnant yet but I suggest best you bring the mama cat to the vet and get her spayed.
Razelle   Jun 3rd 2021 at 1:50PM
Oh, apparently we had tracked her date since birth, she was birthed out by april 5, so according to my calculations its been 2 months, but ive indeed made a mistake putting 3 months, ill edit it to 2 months now, thanks for the notif!
And about the spaying thing, i coudnt if i wanted to. My parents are super worried about finances and woudnt let the decision of spaying go on. So i could only hope someone else quickly gets her to do so.
2016310077   Jun 11th 2021 at 2:05AM
How can i reach you to adopt
Razelle   Jun 11th 2021 at 1:45PM
Please email me through petfinder. From my profile, scroll to the very end and find the option to email me. Once u email i will reach out to you by whatsapp or telegram.

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