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Abused Dog Looking For A Home - German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog
DogGerman Shepherd Dog Mix
ProfileMale, 11 Years 6 Months
BodyMedium Size, Short Fur
ColorBlack, Brown
LocationTanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang
Posted18 Mar 2010 (Updated 9 Jun 2010)
Adoption FeeFREE
From the rescuer (Chia-Yi):
"I have an emergency case here of a stray being abused, bound and thrown into a garbage bin. The students from my college called me on Sunday morning to help rescue the dog about a year old doggie, his name is Potato (Cantonese). My students said that the dog is very good natured, very playful and protective of the girls, they took care of him since he was a pup where they hid him from the MPPP that shot and killed Potato’s mum. My students told me someone beat up and threw bleached at him and his eyes were all inflamed before CNY. Before that, there have been incidents where someone tied a plastic bag over his head and people threw hot water at him. And the worse was on Saturday night, they found Potato tied up with a snooze made from fishing line, thrown into the big garbage bin but some auntie came and told the students about the incident and my students climbed into the bin to save him. Because of lack of blood circulation from the snooze, his paws were all swollen and his neck too. He was very lucky my students saved him in time and they took care of him the whole night. I cannot imagine how evil some people can be! Monsters!!!!! I just can’t stop crying to think that this doggie was so badly treated by those ‘animals’ Potato deserves a better life than being tortured…

My students can’t keep Potato because they are only renting rooms and the landlady was so mad, she threatened to call the M.P.P.P to come kill Potato on Monday. My students couldn’t stop crying because they will have to go back to their hometowns for the semester break and were afraid that the landlady will hurt Potato so they have asked me to help, I took Potato home. However the house that I've placed the puppies at, my friend’s parents found out and my friend backed out on loaning out his compound (eventhough it’s vacant!) and I have no place to house Potato by end of next week. Fortunately my cousin said he could put Potato in a cage in one of the store rooms but only for like max early next month. Taking him to S.P.C.A is not an option because after what he has been through, I would never take him there and I’m hoping someone good can adopt him. Potato is a wonderful dog, I’ve played with him these few days, we go for walks (I have to tie all my other dogs up, they are very aggressive towards him) and Potato is so loving, at first he was weary but then now he seems better and more willing to trust me and I can’t stop crying on how cruel and evil people can be to treat a sweet dog like him that way…

We would give him all the immunity shots by next week at the vet because he had maggots on him from wounds and my vet gave him vitamin, calcium and antibiotic shots on Monday. I hope if you could help please please try to find someone to adopt Potato? I really hope he could find a loving owner because he deserves that after all that he has been through. I really would like to keep him but because I have so many dogs, they don’t respond well to another male dog and knowing Potato’s past, I know I can’t possibly give him a good loving home by being overwhelmed and I’m afraid that he will be badly bullied by my dogs here. I’m just so tired with human nature and their mentality of hurting innocent animals such as Potato."

For those who is interested to adopt Potato or able to give him a loving home, please contact Chia Ling at.
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Abused Dog Looking For A Home - German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog

Abused Dog Looking For A Home - German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog

Abused Dog Looking For A Home - German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog

Abused Dog Looking For A Home - German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog

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Share your comments here3 Comments
greenleaf35   Apr 15th 2010 at 2:26PM
Hi Chia Yi, how's Potato now? Has his wound healed?
thepetprojectmalaysia   May 22nd 2010 at 1:47AM
Hello, poor Potato... no one should ever be as mistreated as he was. He is exactly what I am looking for... but I'm in KL.... :(
winsoncch   May 23rd 2010 at 11:04PM
He has completely recovered.

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