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Found in Melaka
Puppies, 2 Yrs

Found in Setapak
Unknown, 1 Yr

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Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog
DogSilky Terrier
ProfileMale, 20 Years
ConditionMinor Injury
BodySmall Size, Long Fur
ColorBlack, Brown, Gray
LocationKuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Posted3 Jan 2011 (Updated 22 Jan 2011)
Adoption FeeFREE
Verified Rescuer
This dog was found wandering in a housing area in Kepong Baru on 1/1/11. Hence, the name Yat Yat (meaning 'one one' in Cantonese).

Based on the dog's condition when it was found, it was believed to have been abandoned by its heartless owner. The dog suffered from a severe inflammation of the ear where the ear canals are almost completely closed. It also has mange. This obviously neglected dog was sent to the vet for treatment and is currently under the care of my uncle. However, my uncle is only willing to foster it for about a month. Therefore, if I am not able to find an adopter before the deadline, I would have to put this poor dog to sleep. This is the last thing that I want to do as this dog is really well-behaved, very friendly and seemed so innocent, not knowing what its future would be.

Yat yat is also partially blind due to cataract. Despite this, he still looks very happy with its life, wagging its tail whenever he hears someone (anyone) nearby although he cannot see. He would also reach his hand out and try to touch us although it doesn't know exactly where we are.

I hope that a true animal lover who is willing to care for this dog with all his/her heart would adopt this lovely dog. Yat Yat had suffered enough to have fall into the hands of such owner. Hopefully, its next owner would be a much better one. If you think you are that person, kindly contact me asap! Thank u!

** Yat Yat would be passed to the new owner once it has fully recovered from the otitis (inflammation of the ear) and mange.

Here are some details about Yat Yat after I got to know him:-


- a small little house with cozy blanket (so my uncle made him a little house with a cardboard box. He stays in there most of the time)

- canned food (can also mix dog biscuit with canned food)

- marking territory (lifts up his leg to pee although his tank is already empty)

- wrestle with the rug or anything soft (e.g. soft toy)

- to play tug-of-war

- humping people's legs (can be distracted by giving him the rug to wrestle with)


- being caged up (he's pretty quiet when allowed to roam free BUT once he is in a cage or chained up, he will start to protest by barking loudly)

** So preferably no caging! **

- rabbits (he bit my rabbit but luckily no serious injury)

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Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat yat's little house that he loves so much..
Yat yat's little house that he loves so much..

the cataract..
the cataract..

I love this rug!
I love this rug!

New look!
New look!

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

Yat Yat  - Silky Terrier Dog

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Share your comments here7 Comments
sumathi   Jan 4th 2011 at 8:46PM
Hai Yen .Could you pls upload some pictures of Yat yat. I could help you to spread the news but i really need the pictures . Pls dont give up to soon.
yen1214   Jan 4th 2011 at 9:21PM
OK! I will upload it tmr after he is discharged from the hospital. Thank u for your help. Really appreciate it. :-)
sumathi   Jan 5th 2011 at 1:12PM
Thanks for the pictures Yen. He looks so cute . I will do my best to get him to rehome.Yen , do yat yat able to wonder around without bumping himself. If by a month time , we cant get him a home, i am willing to foster him without any charge and if he could get along well with my house and my kids. I will adopt him in future. Cant do it now as i dont know if being with kids is a good idea due to his seeing problem. I am just worried he would get hurt and i dont think he should suffer anymore.
yen1214   Jan 5th 2011 at 1:24PM
My pleasure, sumathi! Yes, he is able to wander around without bumping himself. The vet says that he can see a bit, just blurry vision. Thank u so much for your help! He's really lucky to have found another kind person. :-)
sumathi   Jan 5th 2011 at 2:53PM
Great news Yen!I would like to adopt him. My kids was able to understand Yat yat problem and they feel very sorry for him and they promised that they wiil take care of him as they little brother. But , I really need you to help to send him over to me as i dont drive and my husband is at outstation. Pls give me a call and i will tell u my location.
FatCath   Jan 6th 2011 at 3:00PM
hello Yen1214 i'm so sad at first when i read your comment regarding Yat-Yat but NOW i am so relief for Yat-Yat soon will have a new family.... Thank you sumathi and thank you Yen1214 for saving Yat-Yat..
yen1214   Jan 6th 2011 at 3:26PM
Hello FatCath! I am also glad that yat yat will have a nice family soon! Phew~ I'm so happy for him! Thank u again, sumathi and family. :-)

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