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Judah - German Shepherd Dog Dog
DogGerman Shepherd Dog
ProfileMale, 17 Years 6 Months
BodyLarge Size, Medium Fur
ColorBlack, Brown, White
LocationPj, Selangor
Posted10 Oct 2008 (Updated 29 Jan 2009)
Adoption FeeFREE
Verified Rescuer
5 yrs old German Shepherd is up for adoption. MKA registered. He is not neutered yet. Very active,playful and attention demanding. Owner has given up the dog due to some minor medical problems which has now been treated.

Must take him for lotsa excercise as he needs excercise and walk more to strengthen his legs and build his stamina.
Must send him for training classes conducted by a qualified trainer and will need to liaise with me for the trainings as I would want to be updated on his progress.
Have to allow house visits from me and his sponsor (sponsorred part of his medical bills).
Have to bear the cost of neutering the dog.
Dog will be neutered before reaching new owner's hands.
Prefers owner who is willing to feed raw food.

fee on top of spaying charges: Large bag of dog food ( medium to high range only )

Please bear in mind that a GSD is a dog that sheds a lot and the maintenance of the dog is not cheap. Needless to say about the bills if any medical problems arises.. Anyone who is interested must fit most of the requirements above and can contact me at . I would appreciate and introduction on yourself and also a sharing on your experience on handling dogs. Further discussions via email would be greatly encouraged. Thank you.
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Judah - German Shepherd Dog Dog

Judah - German Shepherd Dog Dog

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Page: 1 2    33 Comments
junlee   Nov 19th 2008 at 6:08PM
nicklim85   Nov 25th 2008 at 1:09AM
last time adopted di rite?
techtwitt   Nov 25th 2008 at 9:19AM
.......agree, dunno if this dog is for adopting or showing..sometimes dog owners...do not understand why they own the dog..sigh...

if that is the case, the owner should not have letting the dog out..
wat imean is most important is the new owner love the dog!
junlee   Nov 25th 2008 at 12:18PM
good home mean d home wth love....
FurrenzPets   Nov 25th 2008 at 3:59PM
Last time wasn't adopted. The dog was not ready so I just change the status temporarily. Thank you junleewei for your comments but I will make sure none of my dogs go to you. If you really love the dog and breed you will know these requirements are just the very least of what this dog needs. Love the dog is important but what the owner is willing to commit and sacrifice for the dog is also very important.
FerretSoldier   Nov 25th 2008 at 4:36PM
hello yen, is Judah = Max? i suppose he is, well if he is.. I miss him and I got a message for Junleewei; Shut the hell up! You dont know crap abt what that dog been through, is going through, you dont know crap abt the amount of bloodbath acsyen is doing and keep on doing for our canine friends. Shut your trap up and hope you never find your "sickness dog".

P.S: I've seen him, I've bathed him, I've walked with him and shut the hell up, i thank god that acsyen dont give her dogs to you.. she only chooses the best adopters and take the physical and financial pain of sheltering close to 20 rescuees. SHUT THE HELL UP, u sound like a hoarder.
lynielime   Nov 25th 2008 at 4:48PM
yen, i'm behind you 100 percent.

yes dogs need love and love is very important.. but they need a lot more than that.. i have neighbors that "love" their dogs, buy them toys and treats and don't hit them..

but they never spend time with them, never walk them, and they are chained outside the house 24 hours a day. is that a good home then? they say there is love in the home... but is the dog healthy and happy? NO.

and for those who don't like fosterers' requirements, then go adopt some other dog! and try rescuing a whole bunch of animals yourself then see if you can give them to just anyone.. we care for our foster animals and we want to make sure that the adopters can give them the best care too. i also want to be updated about my foster animals and luckily for me, all my adopters are happy to update me and send me photos.. without my even having to ask them. these adopters are understanding and caring enough to know that the fosterer cares as well.
junlee   Nov 25th 2008 at 4:55PM
mm..thn hav2thank god....
didiinheaven   Nov 25th 2008 at 5:59PM
hello..i am new here.wow...why fighting here?all of you also correct.whats junleewei said was correct,thats the owner has a very BIG problem with her tone.she make people feel that she want to control the new adopter.thats the same feeling that i feel.as juleewei said,the new owner will feel that he is not the real owner,just a people that help the 1st owner to look after it.how can we know izit the person is suitable?we canot judge just in talking or he promise to folow all the conditions given by the 1st owner...who know?nobody know...just hope that JUDAH will meet its good owner.if you are a good owner,and you really love the dog,dont even give up it...as what jun said,NO MATTER FINANCIAL PROBLEM OR WHATEVER, JUST LIKE A MOTHER NEVER LET GO HER CHILD
junlee   Nov 25th 2008 at 8:44PM
lynielime,wat u said all d thng bout ur neighbour..bout thier LOVE,bout d word of love is thy said thy LOVE or u say urself?is dis called love?i dun thnk so...if u love ur dog,u wil treat it like ur own kid.u know wat i said?never let it chained,under d sun o in d rain,never let it sick o feel cold,wil miss it eventou going out 4 wok...treat it like treat ur own kids...i never let my dog sleep outside eventou its a big size dog..i giv all d best 4 it,i care bout it..it sleep wth me,i go out,it wil siting in my car n folow...izit called love?if dis not love..thn wat mean LOVE?i really12know..plz tel me...i m not a good adopter?how do u know from my speaking?how do u know dat if d bad ppl talking good?dun judge ppl like dat....if u really love ur dog,dun ever giv up ur dog watever wat hapened...if u hav no money or ur kids sick,wil u giv 2 other ppl?u wil never know d feeling of a mother...but i m a mother....n i can say,my dog wth me all treated like a princess...dis wat acyen know,cos b4 dat i got told her dat i let d dog sleep inside d house...plz tel me how u love ur dog...??!!
vivi   Nov 25th 2008 at 10:43PM
Come on guys. Let it go all these harsh words. Very simple rule here everybody. If somebody is ok with siew yen condition then it's not a problem at all rite. I believe Siew Yen doesn't mean to let u guys feel that she's using a special tone.She's a 24/7 animal rescuer and animal lover ( i heard from lots of other forumer).She only helps the animal and she's not the person to give up max/judah. Sorry jun. It's not that i don agree with u, but everybody got their own point and purpose when they mention the conditions out. Easy. Accept or leave it (or maybe a little negotiation). I believe u will understand it rite? i know u will!! :) Y? Bcos u are a animal lover too and u did mention u want to rescue sick puppies too rite? Good Luck to u. :)
And Good Luck To Judah and wish her to find her new home soon. PEACE!!
lynielime   Nov 25th 2008 at 11:33PM
You're so annoying jun. You're the one that started judging us fosterers and rescuers. Then you want to tell me about love? And one more thing, yen is not a pet owner giving up this dog. She rescues these dogs from their lousy abusive neglectful owners and finds them better owners. So don't judge her when you don't know what she's doing. Why don't you spend all that extra energy you've got on rescuing animals yourself instead of scolding rescuers who just want the best for their foster animals.
Also jun, since you love your dog so much you should understand why we rescuers love our foster animals so much and why we try so hard to find them the right home. Instead of being angry about it, you should be happy that we take the trouble to make sure the adopters are the right ones.
junlee   Nov 25th 2008 at 11:48PM
lynielime...yup...actually u duno wat hapened..b4dis,i got chat wth acsyen.but her sound seem like not so friendly afterwards.she seem like abusing me...she ask me dun missused d dog2spread my religion..dats wat i felt..actually i m nice in talking except sombody abuse me..cos i m bad-tempered.but i know dat dats wrong,i m trying2change.everythng,juz a misunderstanding.cos of she tot dat i m misusing dog2spread gospel(actually i m not)dis d 1st misuderstanding.2nd misuderstanding,she talk bout somthng dat make me tot dat she is abusing me.cos d comunication problem.dats d story.she judge me1st,thn i judge her back.y do it?stop judging all d ppl.sure,i wish him wil hav a good family....n i really duno,cos i m new here.cos she said dat judah is not adopted by her,i tot dat dats her own pet.anyway,she is a great lady.but,whn talking wth me sound like not so friendly,i mean afterwards...all is d MISUNDERSTANDING.dis d problem between me n her.anyway,she really done good job.hope dat she stil keep on going2help d poor dog...1thng juz want to say wth her : DUN JUDGE ME LIKE DAT,FRIEND.CAN V STOP D MISUDERSTANDING N 2GETHER HELP D POOR DOG?I M NOT AS WAT U THNK...TQ..IF NOT,I WONT SAY SORY...K?
wat i12say is,from starting,she misunderstanding me,n i oso misunderstanding her in hp whn v comunicated..after dat,i tot dat max adopted by her thn she giv up it n show it for adoption...dats wat make me angry.but now i oready know dat she is not d owner,so hav2say sory.dis my story:since i m smal,i started2rear animal.but not mine,there r my dad's pet,but i look after thm.dog,eventou d birds,i feed thm whn thy stil in d vest(mean dat not yet got feather).i put much of love2thm.my dad never giv dog eat dog food,juz giv d left food v ate(he is KEDUKUT).n let thm sleep outside.everytime whn my parents not in,i wil let thm curi-curi masuk.i oways left my food(meat not bone)4thm.d dog got mongrel n good breed dog 2.but...everytime whn d relationship oready grow among us,my dad sold thm,or giv thm2other ppl...after dat,wil b somore little birds n dogs coming...thn sent out again.wat can i do?cry oso no use.i m stil under control.dats y i hate ppl giv own pet2other ppl!wat thy thnk bout pet?as present?as toy?as ball dat can kick here n kick there?so bad!so pity d pets.yup,mayb d owner noneed thm,but d pet need thm,miss their master.wat can thy do?thy12say :DONT GIV ME2OTHER PPL..can thy do it?eventou thy miss their owner oso cant c their owner cos under other ppl roof.dats wat i hate!dats y thn bcome now...k?hope dat v can talk friendly...v all hav d same purpose,dats giv d dog a good home.hope dat all d misunderstanding wil b settled...dats wat i wish...dis d 1st time i m scolded by ppl..dats true.i m new here n i know nothng,hope dat u all forgive me...
perfume   Nov 26th 2008 at 2:23PM
May I say something? this acsyen is really a sick person. She thinks she is the only one in this whole wide world who actually cares or owns dogs!Ive bumped into several other websites with her posts and in most of it shes always bickering, quarelling or showing off. Those dogs do not deserve her. I wld suggest not to get any dogs from her too, She'll have a long list of conditions.Waste of time. There are many other nicer people who want to give away dogs with a sincere heart.
techtwitt   Nov 26th 2008 at 2:38PM
just curious.actually who own this dog?who is the owner?
yunnie   Nov 26th 2008 at 2:45PM
Wow this perfume just joined petfinder, 1st post is to flame ppl liao... Conditions are there to ensure the dogs do not go to any tom, dick, harry like you who obviously would not be taking good care of the dog. You think it is easy to take care of so many dogs? If she wanted to hoard then there would not be this post here anyway. Does no conditions when giving up a dog means having a sincere heart? I am sure if you are a fosterer you would be glad to get rid of those dogs as quickly as possible, even to those dog meat eaters. Many people here know yen and what she does. You, hiding behind a forum nick and flaming someone makes you a sicker person.
techtwitt: Long story short... The dog was asked to put to sleep by the owner for a minor health problem. Vet saved it and asked for help from yen to rehome it.

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