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Whisper - American Curl Cat
CatAmerican Curl
ProfileMale, 19 Years 3 Months
BodyLarge Size, Long Fur
ColorGolden, White
LocationPetaling Jaya, Selangor
Posted15 Jul 2012 (Updated 2 Sep 2012)
PriceRM 500
Meet Whisper, a purebred American Curl that is looking for a loving home. We rescued/adopted him from a vet about 4 years ago.

He was a champion stud that was used for breeding and left at the vet because he’s ‘over his prime’. He was already neutered when we got him. The name Whisper is really apt for him as he never makes a sound. We sometimes wonder if his voice box has been removed. Despite being 11 years old, he’s still very present, with a great appetite, and still playful. He loves neck scratches and long strokes on his back. We love him to bits and we do have some strict criteria for potential adopters.

1. Must be kept indoors because he can get lost if left alone outside, but he loves hanging out in gardens and yards with sun and fresh air. He also loves to nibble on grass and plants as it helps him to regurgitate the hairballs out from his tummy. If there is no access to gardens, then a pot of wheatgrass would be great in an apartment as well. (mudah.my sells them for pets at RM11)

2. He has a sinus problem, so he needs a daily cleaning routine of nose and eye wipes. A weekly ear cleaning is also recommended. Sometimes he can sound like he’s choking, but it’s actually just his nose getting blocked. When he coughs he actually sounds like an old man coughing We bathe him about once a month and comb him weekly. No issues with both activities. Combing also helps reduce the shedding as you can see he’s a really furry bundle of joy.

3. Whisper LOVES sleeping on the bed next to humans at night or anytime of the day when you’re in bed. He will insist on jumping up onto the bed and will refuse to move even if you pushed him He just wants to cuddle and be close to you. If you really want him to move, just blow gently at his face.

4. Whisper eats anything. He’s the easiet of my 4 cats to feed. We currently feed him a mix of kibbles (Origen) and wet food. He’s not choosy, and would eat home cooked food as well. I have tried chicken and salmon, and he finishes them without issue.

5. Whisper is toilet trained, so a litter pan is a must.

6. If possible, we would want him to go to a home without very young children as he has a bit of a phobia due to past experience of children pulling his tail and grabbing him. He mixes well with other cats (he’s mostly afraid of the more alpha ones), and is very calm and caring with kittens. He would make a great addition to a home with a young cat/kitten looking for a more stable companion as he has shown many times his nurturing side towards a kittens/young cats.

7. We would prefer to have Whisper find a home with an experienced cat owner.

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Whisper - American Curl Cat

Whisper - American Curl Cat

Whisper - American Curl Cat

Whisper - American Curl Cat

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Share your comments here6 Comments
Eleenafohssein   Jul 15th 2012 at 7:27PM
Can i have him? Revert to me the soonest :) phone or email :
ManekiNeko   Jul 15th 2012 at 8:34PM
Eleenafohssein, please note that the contact number and email address for all adoptable cats are plainly displayed under the cat's details. If you are sincerely interested in adopting a cat, take that first step and contact the owner/rescuer!
apexasei   Jul 17th 2012 at 1:39PM
i just mail u...experience baru 3 tahun, keeping domestic long hair.
Eleenafohssein   Jul 17th 2012 at 8:15PM
Tq dear i did know (;
sharifahzarina   Jul 29th 2012 at 2:12PM
cutee.. n_n
nikmohdhalmezan   Jul 31st 2012 at 5:14PM
my lovely cat just pass away...willing 2 adopt new one...just mail me

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