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Hero - Mixed Breed Dog
Donation Appeal Completed
DogMixed Breed
ProfileMale, 8 Years 5 Months
ConditionSerious Injury
BodyMedium Size, Short Fur
LocationOld Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
Posted14 Aug 2013 (Updated 3 Sep 2013)
Verified Rescuer
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This little puppy was found at the road side drain hole in front of primary school at Salak South Garden when I'm feeding the strays as usual around 10pm. He is crying loud until his mother (the stray I feeds) found he was injured & he is crawling very fast and hide inside the drain hole. I use torch light to check what's happened to him, I noticed his legs were pose in abnormal pose in the drain hole, I think he's ran over by a car few hours ago because the blood on his body already dried.

After 45min I managed to get him out from the drain hole without attack by his mum. I can't send him to veterinary immediately as I only know See Veterinary & it's closed. I decided to keep him until next morning. When I check his legs I found his right leg not only broken but there is an open wound with bone exposed.

I send him to the vet in morning, doctor has checked on him, both his legs are confirm broken, his right leg has to amputate but the surgery can't proceed immediately because the puppy look very pale and he is very weak, his wound is bleeding for whole night. He loss too much blood. He needs to take injections to stabilise his condition and get the wound wrap to avoid infection.

He is send for x-ray in the 5th day. The right leg is more terrible than what doctor thought. The right leg bone is broken until the bikini part, the amputation is until bikini part because the bone (x- ray picture) have hurt all bikini part muscle. The little puppy only go for surgery on 7th day because his blood level is extremely low which is not advise to go for surgery.

After surgery he is getting better for first 2days but the ΔΉ shape stitch wound is infection due to the angle. But his left leg bone is start join back so doctor advise to keep his left leg but needs to let the left leg rest at least 3 months.

Seen the left leg is recover by itself so doctor will not go for further surgery but the medication cost, hospitality cost and amputation charges cost RM 2046.40 after I keep asking for discount as this is a stray puppy. The puppy will discharge in this Thursday and I will keep him until he's fully recover and get adopted.

15/08/2013 - Hero was discharged, he looks much better now, but still need to cleaning his wound & go back vet for re consultation on Saturday(18/8)

24/8/13 -1st vaccination & 2nd deworm on the next day. He is very week, after vaccination he really tired for whole morning.

29/8/13 - Thanks for all the donors on Hero. He is recover very fast, he is happy & active now, i can't return him to his colony & his mum can't recognize him, I think. Will asked someone to adopt him or i will keeps him if none adopt him as he is a very clever & playful puppy, he is pamper & love to play, he will sitting with you without moving if you keeps petting his head, he loves it.

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Thank You For Sponsoring Medical Treatment Of Hero
Your generous contributions have helped save his precious life. View donor list here.
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RM 500 Collected RM 500

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just rescued
just rescued

play with pillow
play with pillow

love to biting the fence
love to biting the fence

infection wound is recovered 17.08.13
infection wound is recovered 17.08.13

re consultation on 17.8.13
re consultation on 17.8.13

Discharged- Day 1 at my home
Discharged- Day 1 at my home

Discharged- Day 1 at my home
Discharged- Day 1 at my home

Discharged- Day 1 at my home
Discharged- Day 1 at my home

in pain
in pain

Hero - Mixed Breed Dog

1st day in vet
1st day in vet

infection after amputation
infection after amputation

abnormal pose when found
abnormal pose when found

next day after amputation
next day after amputation

after surgery
after surgery

during surgery
during surgery

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Hero - Mixed Breed Dog

check on injury part by vet
check on injury part by vet

1st basic treatment in vet
1st basic treatment in vet

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Hero start playing with my little babies, He is 90% recover


Hero is active & happy after staying my home for 2weeks with tonnes of loves showers by us =)

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