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Raynee - Pomeranian Mix Dog
Owner's Pet
DogPomeranian Mix
ProfileFemale, 18 Years 7 Months
BodySmall Size, Long Fur
ColorBlack, Brown
Posted18 Apr 2009 (Updated 25 Jan 2010)
The previous owner could not keep Raynee, so I am fostering her for a bit. She's small, really looks like a pure bred pom. The previous owner got her from SPCA.

She is really good natured, brought her into my car with no problem. She looked sad when I brought her away, but what to do :(

She's a little timid, but I dont think she bites. I startled her a few times moving suddenly near her face but she just jumped. Not aggressive, or snappy. She's really bouncy, my mom took her leash and she was hopping around happily.

According to her previous owner she is afraid of thunderstorms, and likes human company during them.

I'm looking for an adopter who's patient and gentle because shes so small, and a bit timid. Someone who will let her run around the house (the previous owner brought her out in the evenings to do her business on the grass)or the garden and give her a safe covered cage/kennel to sleep in at night. Got to be ready to brush her regularly since she's soooo fluffy.

Very important: No caging. I dont believe in caging the dog when you are out for work and taking her out to play with her for a bit, then cage to sleep. Dogs should not be treated like toys which must be kept in cupboards when not playing with them. Caging her for a day or 2 to get her familiar with your place is fine, otherwise, go buy tamagochi :(

Oh, according to the previous owner she eats kibbles mixed with tinned food... I will probably be feeding her rice+meat or dry kibbles. We'll see if she eats :)

As she is already full grown, she will remain this size (about 2 size 7 shoe lengths) + tail (See pic with shoe).

Please do not call, as I am kind of busy this week :) Write me an email or msn me.


Edit: Thanks to everyone who was interested and prayed for Raynee's wellbeing, she has been adopted by my dad :P
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Small and fluffy
Small and fluffy

Raynee - Pomeranian Mix Dog

Happy and social
Happy and social

Raynee - Pomeranian Mix Dog

Raynee - Pomeranian Mix Dog

Raynee - Pomeranian Mix Dog

Body length 2 shoe lengths (size 7)
Body length 2 shoe lengths (size 7)

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Share your comments here9 Comments
Deki   Apr 18th 2009 at 7:17PM
such a beautifully & elegant dog, pity.......
Sashy   Apr 18th 2009 at 10:13PM
Really think she's pure bred. Was examining her, looks like she has had puppies before too. Hmm
bbjess0223   Apr 19th 2009 at 12:33AM
she's so pretty...~wish i can own her...too bad she'h her can find a home sweet home...~
her color jz like my Pito in heaven...maybe she is Pito next life...hahaha~
Sashy   Apr 21st 2009 at 8:57PM
Raynee is still looking for someone to give her a permanent home and to love her :) She is clean, fluffy, and just adores being with people. She loves to play, she chases the ball like crazy.

She needs to relearn housetraining. With the change and/or being in a small place for so long, she needs to learn again that bathroom should be the corner of the garden. Am teaching her that now.
bbjess0223   Apr 22nd 2009 at 11:42AM
i believe she will find a home with full of love...ganbateh neh~
daphne1985   Apr 22nd 2009 at 4:48PM
Oh.....SO ADORABLE...look u see the tail so nice so beautiful....oh my god, she is so wonderful, i wish i could adopt her.....^-^
Sashy   Apr 25th 2009 at 8:52AM
Thanks to the people who were interested in her, she has been adopted
She is now grass-trained (thank god), understands simple and necessary commands such as sit, go cage, and DON'T JUMP ON BUGGY. She's really quite adorable. She is the first adult dog we've adopted, and I have to say, she dispels the myth that adult dogs have old habits that die hard. For people out there, if you are looking for a dog, do give an adult a chance(not this one tho, she's taken :) They aren't as chewy as a puppy either if you have a lot of shoes lying around hehe

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