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Kung Loong (aka Gung Long) - Mixed Breed Dog
Donation Appeal Completed
DogMixed Breed
ProfileFemale, 7 Years 11 Months
ConditionSerious Injury
BodyLarge Size, Short Fur
LocationPetaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur
Posted29 Aug 2013 (Updated 25 Nov 2013)
Verified Rescuer
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Update of Kung Loong's situation as at 20 Nov 2013.

Aft 6 surgeries, we found a stick branch inserted deep inside her vagina. What kinda of SICKO would do a thing like that??!! May KARMA visit him soon!

Aft removing the stick, Kung Loong had to endure almost 1 month of painful daily procedure to clean the wound, pus and blood oozing out of her vagina.

With much prayers from her rescuers, and hospital team. She slowly recovered and was discharged on 20 Nov, about 4 months after admission.

Please see her latested picture.

Thank you to all that help.
Kung Loong is one of our friendly neighbourhood strays who is suffering from very deep dog bite wound that extend to the peritoneum forming a tract about 2cm in length caudally.

She obtained the deadly dog bite during her 1-night stay at dog pound after she was captured by the authorities.

We bailed her out and intended to find her a good home but was unaware of the bite as it did not present any visible wound but it festered inside until she finally chew herself senseless one night.

She has been at the hospital close to 2 months now and have undergone 4 major surgeries to-date to debride the wound. Medical bill to-date is RM3,000 after discount given due to her status as rescued stray.

Since the tract extends deep into the peritoneum, there will be the possibility that peritoneum may set in and could form another tract in the abdominal cavity. If this complication occurs, Kung Loong may need another major surgery to lavage the whole abdominal cavity.

She has a strong willpower to live, as she is still as bright and alert, eating well even having to endure painful cleaning procedure daily.

Please help Kung Loong heal and hopefully she will find a good loving home after this ordeal.


Thank You For Sponsoring Medical Treatment Of Kung Loong (aka Gung Long)
Your generous contributions have helped save her precious life. View donor list here.
You can sponsor other animals awaiting urgent funds.
RM 500 Collected RM 500

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A closer look
A closer look

Wound healing - many follow ups needed.
Wound healing - many follow ups needed.

Kung Loong finally home 20 Nov 2013
Kung Loong finally home 20 Nov 2013

One SICKO inserted this branch inside her vagina that cause 4 months of hospitalization.
One SICKO inserted this branch inside her vagina that cause 4 months of hospitalization.

The deadly wound
The deadly wound

Kung Loong still active after 4 surgeries
Kung Loong still active after 4 surgeries

This is Kung Loong after being rescued from dog pound
This is Kung Loong after being rescued from dog pound

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