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Found in Kuala Lumpur
Bush, 2 Yrs

Lost in Petaling Jaya
Fony, 6 Yrs

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2 Brownish Puppies - Mixed Breed Dog
DogMixed Breed
ProfileFemale, 13 Years 8 Months
Amount2 Pets
BodyMedium Size, Short Fur
ColorBrown, Cream
LocationOld Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
Posted25 Apr 2009 (Updated 13 Jun 2009)
Adoption FeeFREE
Verified Rescuer
Both puppies have been adopted
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Fay Fay: could anyone offer me a sweet home?
Fay Fay: could anyone offer me a sweet home?

Fay Fay
Fay Fay

Fay Fay
Fay Fay

Fay Fay: play with me...
Fay Fay: play with me...

Fay Fay
Fay Fay

Ling Ling
Ling Ling

Ling Ling
Ling Ling

Ling Ling
Ling Ling

left: Ling Ling, right: Fay Fay
left: Ling Ling, right: Fay Fay

Ling Ling: this is my mum, she loves us very much!
Ling Ling: this is my mum, she loves us very much!

Ling Ling: hey, how are u today?
Ling Ling: hey, how are u today?

Fay Fay
Fay Fay

Ling Ling
Ling Ling

Ling Ling: i was adopted, thanks
Ling Ling: i was adopted, thanks

Hi, my name is Fay Fay
Hi, my name is Fay Fay

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Share your comments here15 Comments
irena6300   May 14th 2009 at 4:34PM
PuppyWanted   May 16th 2009 at 7:19PM
so cute i particularly like the 2nd pic...
Jacqueline   May 17th 2009 at 4:10PM
Ya. We are so thankful to FeiLing for her great effort in capturing the essence and character of the pups, kittens,dogs & cats here all needing homes.Soon we will have MANY needing HOmes from p. Ketam. And we do and did what we can in all possible ways but we couldn't give them homes. That we plead on the behalf of Ketam dogs',GIVE THEM A HOME.
vivi   May 17th 2009 at 4:43PM
HI jac,
Aww... hi kiddos.
Nice shape they got there.
Seems healthy and steady in the picture.
Nice winking.
Jacqueline   May 17th 2009 at 5:06PM
LingLing has been adopted yesterday. FayFay is still with us.
vivi   May 17th 2009 at 5:09PM
another good news
congrats again
PuppyWanted   May 18th 2009 at 11:00AM
Which is Ling Ling and which is FayFay ? It'll esier for the potential adopter to know which is the 1 that they are going to adopt. Jst my 2 cents
Jacqueline   May 18th 2009 at 10:06PM
True. I will ask FeiLing the photographer to sort that out
PuppyWanted   May 21st 2009 at 3:16PM
Has Fay Fay been spayed?
Jacqueline   May 22nd 2009 at 11:52PM
She could be done even at 6 weeks old but I would rather for her to be older.best at 5 months old.
simonseh   May 28th 2009 at 12:17AM
ling ling and fei fei both are good dogs all jacqueline's dogs are well taken care of seeing is beliving how much care and love she had for all the animals in her care i adopted two puppies from her home.
Jacqueline   May 28th 2009 at 4:01PM
Thank you Kiran for your compliment. We do take care of them very well and with the heavy hope that their adopted parents will continue to do so. Kiran is very taken back for what we do here.She has offered to undergo training as an assisstant to veterinarian in anticipation of the huge job ahead when Save A Stray embarks on their Ketam Strays Management Campaign Very Very Soon. SAS (SAve A Stray )needs help like the strays who need us to improve their lots. We need assisstants in sterilization, husbandry care, Photography, telecommunication, transportation, rehoming & many others.Do contact me at if you are interested.We are very focused in what we hope to do & we certainly grow with it as we venture on. Thank you.
jpeter   Jun 5th 2009 at 9:35AM
Would like to update Jacky, Ling ling aka Summer is doing fine here. shes grown a bit from last time. the first week she was with us, she was so shy she would hide under the sofa. now she's very active and very playful. she got her vaccination last week.

shes a very quiet puppy. she wouldn't bark inside the house compound but will bark when somebody she doesn't know opening the front gate.

I wish i could take both of them.
Jacqueline   Jun 6th 2009 at 11:26AM
Well, you got yourself an intelligent & loyal puppy which protects her home & parents already at such tender age. She is not even 4 months ago. You & your housemates must have loved hr much to care enough to motivate her to play guard . Thank you
jpeter   Nov 12th 2012 at 4:04PM
Hey Jacky, Ling Ling aka Summer is well over 4 years old now.. She's been such a great family to me and my fiancée.. We couldn't wish for any other great companion than her. She's been a blessing and joy to us. She's still that same old quiet and obedient fellow, but very playful and often stay up just to take care of the house. She's the best!! Thank you Jacky for introducing and bringing her to our lives.

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