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TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog
DogMixed Breed
ProfileMale, 11 Years 1 Month
BodyMedium Size, Short Fur
ColorBlack, Brown
LocationSEREMBAN, Negeri Sembilan
Posted1 Jun 2009 (Updated 13 Jul 2009)
Adoption FeeFREE
Tiger was laying at the corridoor around my office looking like very ill, and crawling for food and water. so we went over to check him out then we found that this pup can't walk with his two back leg and have to craw all da way, we try to feed him with dog kibbles and water.within a minut he finish up the whole thing.

i do not dare to move him a lot cause i'm afraid will hurt him even worse. his condition is getting better now i just HOPE that u ppl COULD help this poor lil pup and advise me what can i do with him???? i can't bring him home coz currently i'm having two pet at home and have not much time to takecare of another pup. :(

Tiger had stay with us almost 1month... i thnk the chances to find a adopter for him will be kinda low... :( anyway... i'll be keeping him till da day someone with loving heart wanna adopt him... or else i'll just keep him... :). tiger is a very happy go lucky kinda dog... full of energy... can't stop wondering around looking for new things to play... bringin a lots of fun and always have new things to suprise me and my family....
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TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog






TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

tiger out to walk....
tiger out to walk....

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

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TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

tiger VS lion
tiger VS lion

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

hi i'm tiger
hi i'm tiger

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

TIGER In New Home.... - Mixed Breed Dog

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Owner's Pet

Page: 1 2 3 4    75 Comments
gamblelee86   Jun 25th 2009 at 10:59PM
Hi Jennifer84,

U bring tiger go home d ? n ur father know d ?

I really hope that in Seremban will have more animal lover like you ......
Wanko   Jun 26th 2009 at 1:18AM
There is so many poor animal on the street,how i wish i can help all but i know i cant, but what i can do is have a box of dog biscuits ready inside my car.If i see any poor hungry dogs, i feed them.If i see them sick, i bring them to the vet.My vet will not change me expansive cos he know that is a stray dog.
jennifer84   Jun 26th 2009 at 12:09PM
ai... you guys was sooo good...
gamblelee there's alot of good heart ppl... just sometimes is not every 1 could give a hand to all this poor stray.. families and times is the biggest concern... just like my case.. till today tiger could only stay at my mum's shop and i'll never bring him home... but luckly my brother is staying with tiger... so he wont feel lonly at nite...:)
julietskling   Jun 29th 2009 at 12:26PM
you can send Tiger to Furry Friends Farm. They do not put dogs down lik SPCA but they are located in rawang. you can contact Sabrian 016-6319018. Sabrian and others are greatly involved in rescuing stray dogs in hell island (Pulau Selat Kering). where many stay dogs are left their to feed themselves

jennifer84   Jun 29th 2009 at 1:26PM
hi sookam,
thanks for da link... i'll never send tiger to any farm or animal shelter as long is i could keep him... :)
chino   Jun 30th 2009 at 10:42PM
hi Jennifer~`4 me u R an angel:)good Karma well always shine for you~~加油BTW~`how is the conditi0n of his legs??:)godbless sweet gal!!
jennifer84   Jul 1st 2009 at 2:45PM
tiger is getting better now... can walk, jump and run as normal dog... but he is still on medication ( more to calcium pills lar). then over active sometimes can play for hours non stop running around...- - he is getting closer with kiki but not coco.
need to toilet train him but dunno how... so ever since he is with me i'm been mopping laudrying and cleanng all his ^business^ .... sign.... but he do behave well when only my mum is around and all of us went out for work and school... he only listen to my mum's words... aiya bullying me d T_T (pai miang ar) hihi...
pipylim   Jul 3rd 2009 at 11:49PM
Very Friendly puppy :)

TQ on behalf of tiger
jennifer84   Jul 6th 2009 at 3:26PM
question.... when is the best time to neuter a pup???
jennifer84   Jul 13th 2009 at 10:43AM
hi guys,
tiger had been adopted. kinda miss him now... but i'm glad that someone is willing to adopt him. hope that he never bring lots of troble to his new master.

thanks to mr Choi and family. :) please treat him well.
lynielime   Jul 13th 2009 at 10:49AM
oh wow congratulations!!!!!! that's wonderful news!! i'm sooo happy for you and tiger!!! how nice to find a caring family.

i don't understand why no one wants to adopt my little three-legged dog molly..
smfan   Jul 13th 2009 at 11:13AM
Mr Choi & family you all are so kind!!!Hope Daiger will bring you and family lotsa of happiness too.
Mary111   Jul 14th 2009 at 10:47AM
God bless the Choi family and you too!! It's heartwarming to see people like you devoting your time and effort to rescue this helpless dog. Now, he can start a new life because of your love and kindness to him. I'm sure he knows and appreciate what YOU have done for him!!! Hopefully, we'll be able to see some of his latest pictures with the Choi family!! Go... Tiger...go!!! Go enjoy your new life!!!!
jennifer84   Jul 14th 2009 at 4:30PM
hummm... tiger is kinda lucky dog coz after i bring him back on the 1st week i've actually plan to serrender him to animal shelter like SPCA but many ppl advise me not to, and even i've try to call a few place but there is no one willing to keep tiger. End up i've keep him and till last friday someone called and ask about him and the new owner would like to adopt him, i'm kinda shock too. coz tiger is soo "ugly" all of my friends say so... gaggaga but now without tiger around everyone is not that used to it anymore... coz we have less work to do, less yelling sound and lought too... sign...
Mary111   Jul 14th 2009 at 10:56PM
I know what you mean.... it's always harder when you spent some time together, you find yourself attached to each other, missing each other a lot!!! I felt the same way too when I was trying to send Coco when she was 2-3 mths old, I felt so sad to let her go!!! After a few failed attempts to send her away... I decided to keep her for good!! And now, she has been with me since day 1 she was born!!! She may look ordinary in many people eyes, but she is absolutely cute, beautiful and funny to me!!! I'm sure Tiger misses you too... keep him prayer that he will adjust to his new loving home soon...and be a good companion to them too!

BTW, will you be able to go visit him? I think it will be thrilled to both of you to see each other again....

Best of luck to you. Take care.
irena6300   Aug 18th 2009 at 7:16PM
any new pic or status for tiger?
jennifer84   Aug 19th 2009 at 12:11PM
IRENA6300, NO PIC YET.... but da new owner say tiger is fine wit them.... should b no prob...:)
irena6300   Aug 19th 2009 at 3:13PM
hope all the best^^
jesse   Aug 19th 2009 at 3:55PM
Tiger is not ugly la..Jeniffer..he has very unique colour..
jennifer84   Aug 19th 2009 at 4:12PM
hahah.... he is ugly... but we loved him alot... do agree that he is unique in some way...

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