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Gigi - Mixed Breed Dog
For Adoption
DogMixed Breed
ProfileMixed Gender, 13 Years 7 Months
Amount2 Pets
BodyLarge Size, Medium Fur
ColorBrown, Cream, White
LocationKuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Posted5 Feb 2015 (Updated 6 Jul 2015)
Adoption FeeFREE
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This pet has been listed for over 90 days and may already have been adopted. Kindly notify us if it is no longer available, to help us maintain an accurate database of pets.

When my dad passed away last November, he left behind his precious, most-loved fur children, Gigi and Bobby, and little Ruby (a little puppy I rescued last July. My father offered to foster and eventually adopted her into his pack. Ruby's profile can be viewed here - http://www.petfinder.my/pets/58712/). Along with my dad’s dogs, I personally have a one-year puppy myself - Daisy Mae, making it a total of 4 dogs, and 12 cats I have under my care. We've been rescuing strays for as long as we can remember, and somehow, we've always found room for one more.

My temporary solution in attempt to keep the family together was to continue to pay rent for my dad’s place so that his dogs would still have a home. Rental alone, not inclusive food and necessities for the dogs cost RM1,000 a month. On an average, with food and necessities, it probably easily sums up to RM1600/RM1800, and sometimes RM2000 a month.

While I’ve always believed that money can always be earned again, it’s also a hefty sum to cough out on a monthly basis for 3 dogs alone. My dad’s landlord is also keen on taking back the house, and have it rented out to new tenants. With that said, the clock is ticking for me. I have only until the end of February to look for new homes, or a solution for Gigi, Bobby, and Ruby.

What I ideally want is to have these dogs under my care, because they were my dad’s babies. He loved them to bits. His whole life was about them - he took care of them exactly like his own children. When he saw that I was cooking for my pets, he did the same - he would cook for them and when he couldn’t, he would lavishly treat them to packets of chicken rice, fruits, and all sorts. Sometimes, their meals are even more lavish than his own.

Gigi was his little princess. She was the first of the pack, adopted at about 6 months old. Everywhere my dad went, Gigi was right behind him. She’s very loyal and protective. Every night without fail, she would take her spot right beside my dad on his bed - sleeping only when he sleeps. She would occasionally try to steal kisses and belly rubs from my dad before bedtime. If my dad pretends to be asleep, she would nudge him repeatedly until he finally gives in, and gives her the belly rubs she wanted.

Gigi is also very demanding in her own little adorable ways - she wouldn’t let my dad stay past his bedtime, and if my dad had visitors around, she would bark to remind him that bedtime was near. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. If he ignores her, she would continue to bug him until he gives up and goes to bed.

Bobby is just a gentle old-soul. He had a family prior to this, and he lost his way one day. By fate, he ended up in front of my dad’s house. In the beginning, my dad didn’t want to take Bobby in, but because Bobby never left (he wandered the streets but every night, he would faithfully return to my dad’s house and slept right outside the gate) my dad eventually decided to adopt him two weeks later. We then found out that Bobby was fearful of many things, especially when you hold up certain objects in front of him - he would retreat with his head hung low, somewhat afraid that he might be hit. We suspected that he had been abused before. But my dad believed that there was nothing love and patience cannot cure, and he was right. In time, Bobby grew accustomed to him and trusted him (and Gigi) as his family.

My dad’s life changed tremendously with the presence of Gigi and Bobby. Life was simple, but it was just so cheerful and so full of love. We’ve never been rich, and on some days, we had little to spare, but my dad had his ways, and he made sure that his fur kids were well taken care off.

During the last few months of my dad’s life, he was in and out of the hospital for quite a bit, and each time he got admitted, the first thing he would do is to remind me to take good care of his children - to make sure that they are well fed, and are okay at home. Even as he was hooked up on all sorts of machines, he would think about them and about their well being, despite all the pain and discomfort he experienced.

As I’m writing this right now, I feel so incredibly guilty and helpless for not being able to protect and preserve the most important ‘people’ in my dad’s life. But at the same time, I’m aware that realistically, I’m not able to make drastic changes in my life and get a bigger space that can accommodate 4 dogs under one roof. Presently, the space that I have just isn’t big enough to have everyone together, and I do not have animal-loving people as neighbours (which makes things even more difficult).

So here I am, humbly seeking for your kindness and understanding, to know how much this means to me, and how important it is that I find good homes for my father’s dogs because I am unable to take care of them myself. I’m opened to trial adoptions, temporary fosterings - anything that can help in helping me find a new family for these loving fur kids. If you know of anyone who is interested/can help, I'd appreciate if you could please help spread the word. Thank you.

*Gigi (female), Bobby (male), and Ruby (female) are spayed/neutered.
*They are flexible as indoor and outdoor dogs.
*We're not too sure of Gigi and Bobby's age - but as a rough estimate, they are about 6 - 8 years old.

UPDATE 6 JULY 2015 - Bobby has passed away.

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Left - right: Gigi and Bobby
Left - right: Gigi and Bobby





Left - right: Gigi and Bobby
Left - right: Gigi and Bobby

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