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PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat
CatRussian Blue
ProfileMale, 18 Years 1 Month
BodyLarge Size, Medium Fur
LocationPetaling Jaya, Selangor
Posted17 Sep 2009 (Updated 27 Sep 2009)
Adoption FeeRM 300
He likes to sleep during the day and love attention at night time, i guess all older cats the same.. the older you get, the less active you are.

We love him so much but unfortunately we are moving and have to let him go... :(

We are hoping to find a loving family who loves cats very much.

Preferably somebody lives in a house. Please no apartment, sorry.

Please note that the pictures here are just any random russian blue pics, to show that there are different look of russian blue, some claim that pure breed russian blue has only green eyes, but some also claim that there are some have yellow eyes but just not as popular as the green eyes. & our cat has yellow eyes. ManekiNeko was right, russian blue is very rare in Malaysia, different people have different view about russian blue. We appreciate all the inputs, & anybody interested, please make an appointment to come to see our cat.
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PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

here's pic2 from my friend which she said looks just like my russian blue cat, lol :))
here's pic2 from my friend which she said looks just like my russian blue cat, lol :))

my friend has just sent me this pic, she said it looks just like my russian blue cat, lol :))
my friend has just sent me this pic, she said it looks just like my russian blue cat, lol :))

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

PF7255 - Russian Blue Cat

Share your comments here18 Comments
ManekiNeko   Sep 17th 2009 at 4:41PM
Alice,he is a beautiful cat, but he's not a Russian Blue. As another person has noted, Russian Blues are extremely rare in Malaysia, and they are also solid blue, never striped. He is still a lovely DSH cat, though, and I hope you find a great home for him soon!
ilovepets   Sep 17th 2009 at 6:51PM
Thanks for the email, I'm looking for an older cat, and would like to adopt him, will contact you again by this weekend, thanks
meira   Sep 17th 2009 at 10:17PM
i think i know this cat.this was emma's cat isn't?i forgot this cat's name.i know this cat because i almost adopt this little fella.
oh if this is emma's cat..the breed is Russian Blue.
ManekiNeko   Sep 17th 2009 at 10:19PM
Meira, I think you're right -- I thought he looked familiar!
ilovepets   Sep 17th 2009 at 11:23PM
hi meira, i have emailed the owner today and the owner confirmed that her cat is a russian blue mixed breed, but it is not the same as the pic in her profile, that's just a random pic to she uses to symbolize her cat, anyway made an appointment to go see her cat on this coming saturday... i've 3 DSH and would really like to have a different breed, hopefully to adopt a russian blue soon!
manekineko, can you tell me more about russian blue, based on your comment, i assume you know lots about this breed... thanks

by the way, are you japanese?
hi alee, i'm afraid i've to postpone our appointment to next Monday afternoon, if it's possible?
ManekiNeko   Sep 18th 2009 at 9:21AM
Hello, the most important thing, of course, is that this cat finds a good and loving home. I made my comment only because I see many people listing cats on Petfinder as one breed or another and asking high prices or adoption fees on that basis. To my way of thinking, this is misleading (forgive me Alee, because I don't think you intend to mislead -- it seems you are relying upon what the previous owner told you), but also, it diminishes the value of the genuine pure-bred cats. When every domestic long-haired cat is described as Persian or Maine Coon, people stop appreciating what is unique and special about those breeds, I think.

Read the official breed specifications that various cat associations post for the Russian Blue, and you will find that the coat may be a little darker or a little lighter, but it must be SOLID -- no stripes or mottling.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter, as long as the person who buys the cat loves him and cares for him. He's neutered, so no one will use him breed kittens and try to sell them off as Russian Blues. He's a gorgeous cat -- no one needs a certificate to appreciate that! :-)

Ooops, Ilovepets, I just re-read your earlier comment. Now I'm not sure which, if any, of the photos is of the cat that's for adoption. You say the photos are intended "to symbolize" the cat? The striped cat with amber eyes that was the original photo -- is that the actual cat? Anyway, you'll figure it out when you go to visit!
ilovepets   Sep 18th 2009 at 2:22PM
hi there, be it DSH or pure bred or mixed, i don't think that each of this will disminish the other's value, unless if we want to think so. They are all lovely, aren't they? As long as we love them. but i feel that some people give the pure bred too high rating, and may be this has already disminished the DSH's values? May be that's why there are so many stray DSH? but never stray pure bred? My 3 DSH are as beautiful & lovely as any pure bred or mixed. they are part of my family members, i feel sorry for the DSH because they dont get the same treatment just because they are not pure bred..

some people might say that it is not fair for the owners with pure bred pets, because misleading dimisnishes their pure bred value. I dont agree with misleading activities, but this issue already has a remedy itself - a birth certificate of the pure bred.

As long as we love them, what do the pure bred or mixed or DSH pets know or care about their own value that we human put on them? is 'value' really that important? Loving any pets is not about the owners' benefits, but it's about the pets, isn't it?

If any owner list any pure bred pets for free, i dont think anybody will complain about their listing being misleading or not, or their pets being pure or not, even if they claim it to be pure bred but which in fact not. at the end of the day, the difference is about getting it for free or pay for it, right?

Speaking of misleading, the most annoying part is, there are many people here listed their pets for free, be it dsh or pure bred, and here you thought you could really have them for free, but when you call them up, they start charging all sort of things, i've met a few of those here... & that's pure misleading!

hi manekineko, i dont mean to be rude but if you are interested and need more details abt the owner's cat, why not just contact the owner directly and pay a visit? instead of blindly stressing about it.. The owner answered all the questions that I needed to know when i contacted her..

Alee could have simply charged more than that if she wanted too. She said to me that it's an older neutered cat and the cost she's charging is for the recent doctor checkup and bathing services, so i dont see how alee misled us and take advantage of it.

There are people here using petfinder to breed pets freely and charge alot for it, that is a disgrace, and i will never buy pure bred kittens from these people, this cruel situation happen mostly to the pure bred, because why? because we all too care about the 'value' or 'rank' of the pure bred, and the chancers out there taking the advantage to breed them too feed our ego and beliefs about pure bred. Why not direct your attention to these people? :-)
mishai   Sep 18th 2009 at 3:56PM
I'm new to petfinder.com, it is a great place to exchange ideas about pets.

I can see both members ManeKineko and ilovepets' point of view of pure bred and dsh.

Being malaysian, I grew up with dsh, but don't mind to have pure bred too, but cannot afford it.

I think rm300 is not so expensive, if it's for the cost of vet check-up and bathing service, as far as I know, just the full bathing service can cost as much as rm80 at petsmore shop for a medium size cat.

alee   Sep 18th 2009 at 4:07PM
Hi everybody, really thanks for all your inputs, and are glad to know that all of you are care about cats, let's just respect each other's view ok ;)

Sorry ilovepets, next Monday i can't make it, i'm going to my friends' open house. Can only make it this Saturday though or after holiday? Won't be online tonight, please just sms to confirm.
mishai   Sep 18th 2009 at 4:16PM
Alee, I'm a new member, but have 25 years of experience, I have sent you an email. Where in PJ do you stay? Speak soon!
ManekiNeko   Sep 18th 2009 at 4:33PM
Dear Ilovepets, I'm not stressing about anything, and I'm not condemning Alee. My original comment was just an observation about the cat. :-) I agree, if she is charging RM300 as compensation for vet bills, etc., that's perfectly reasonable. I never meant to make this a huge debate, and like you, I love all animals, whether pedigreed or not. I was simply responding to what seems like an increasing trend on the pet web-sites of mis-labeling animals as something they are not. You've contacted Alee and asked questions, and that's great. Trust me -- I do not value animals with a pedigree over those with none. If anything, perhaps the opposite is true.

And BTW I do leave comments for the people who seem to be breeding and selling pedigreed pets as if they were pieces of furniture. :-)

I hope you do adopt this very handsome grey fellow and enjoy many happy years together!

Vika   Sep 24th 2009 at 10:48AM
Hope Alee find good home. Hope alice got rm300. Alice busy woman, cant make it flexibility time to find home for Alee, so make sure the adopter find the adjustable time for Alice so alee the 5 yrs old cat, get a good home.

Alee is handsome boy, very healthy, very clean, look after well as I see at picture. His type ? I dont see any consideration as I want to get fluffy pretty cat, tittle, label, trade mark or what so ever, for me he just a handsome cat, desperately owner want cant take care of him anymore.
Alice, I hope you get rm300..good luck..spend it wise. Cheers
ilovepets   Sep 27th 2009 at 11:06AM
hello Alee, sorry I couldn't answer your call the other day, I was driving..

He is still very shy but is slowly getting used to my house, we just got him a new bed at Ikea the other day.

By the way, thanks for changing the adoption status.

How are your two lovely kids? Keep in touch..
alee   Sep 27th 2009 at 11:46AM
We miss him terribly, but at the same time glad that he has found a great home, thanks for loving him... hugs & kisses for him..
pipit   Dec 25th 2009 at 4:17AM
hii. kalo ade lg cat secmel ni, bg la kt sy... :)

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