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Siamese Mix(Pls Read)Selangr/penang - Siamese + Domestic Short Hair Cat
CatSiamese + Domestic Short Hair
ProfileFemale, 4 Years 4 Months
BodySmall Size, Medium Fur
ColorBrown, Cream
LocationAir Itam, Farlim, Pulau Pinang
Posted9 Jun 2016 (Updated 19 Jul 2016)
Adoption FeeRM 100
NOTE : Contact me ONLY IF you have read all of it in detail and are able to explain certain required details from your side. Contact me ONLY if you are able to provide the love, attention, commitment and a comfortable environment for this kitten. Please understand that you will be tested before final confirmation. Thank you for your patience and time.

NOTE FOR CHARGES : The RM100 is only a rough estimation of the overall expenses for the month. The charges are mostly for food, litter sand and vet expenses. The final amount will be shown with receipts later on and you will be informed on the final charges. If you seem like a suitable companion for her, you may be rewarded either with free items or a generously reduced amount for her expenses.

As of 20th June the total is (RM100) -Receipts will be shown :
- Clinical : Rm50 + Rm15
- Food : RM35

Also note she doesn't have injury but only a tiny skin issue & minor flu.

** Her progress will be updated here.

** Please have patience as you will be tested to see if you are willing to care and spend for this kitten.

..............ATTENTION ADOPTERS (IMPORTANT)................


- Adopters are preferred to be from Selangor or Penang. I am currently fostering at Selangor.

- NO students. Priority for locals. (Unless you can convince me, if you are an international)

- Prefer working adults to support food, health and etc expenses.

-** Adopters are REQUIRED to update progress as often as possible especially during the first few months. You will also be given probation to see if she fits your personality. I will reduce asking to maybe twice a year if I feel both of you are adapting well till I stop asking permanently.

-** Adopters will need to pick up this kitten. ( Location : Bandar Utama )

- Proactive adopters will be given priority.

**** Please provide details about yourself such as name, age, status : working/studying, local/international, hometown, experiences with pet (if none, research and explain), your house type, family members, your reasons to adopt, your knowledge to care for kittens.

** Please note that you will be asked other relevant questions to see if you are eager enough to have her in your life.

- Vaccination is required to prevent any disease or infection. (I MAY ask for the deposit of first year vaccination and will return once you have vaccinated the kitten with proof. I may or may not. However you are required to inquire at your preferred clinic and inform me on the vaccination amount. (Please understand this is only to assure she will be in good hands, and caring owners will not hesitate)

- Please spay/neuter when she is 6 months old (December 2016/January 2017) as this will make her healthier and happier.

- Please avoid outdoors as she may want to go out often, get into cat fights, catch diseases and etc. Be with her if you want to let her out.


"Please remember that animals are living souls. They need consistent care, attention and boundless love. They will grow up, make messes and trouble, you will need to be willing to spend some money on their food and medical just like they are your children. They will love you if you love them equally. If you are serious about adopting a family member and you are willing to spend time, money and effort to take care of the kitten then by all means contact me."


......................ABOUT KITTEN.........................

- She was rescued by one of the owners of Happie n Jovie ( Centrepoint BU ). She was found wandering around at Taman Tun Market calling for food.

- Estimated to be around 2 months old.

- Although she is a stray kitten, she is VERY human friendly. She isn't afraid to approach any human. I think maybe because she was surrounded by humans at the market.

- She was really skinny, had flu and tiny eye infection, had lil fleas, dirty and has a skin issue. Her skin was dry and fur were shedding. She was really quiet the first 2 days, doesn't play but wants to be around human all the time so you can imagine how much she suffered on the streets.

- She will be dewormed later on after the skin issue is cleared. (Improving well as she has been visiting the vet and is under medication)

- She plays well, eats well, and her stool and urine looks good too! Familiar with litter sand. She has a playful biting habit nowadays though. She loves to bite my slipper and the boxes and my legs and my arms and the bottle and everything she can get her tiny paws on. I think it is cuz of her growing teeth.

- She LOVES to play with paper clamp.

- She likes to sleep with company. She's always beside me either on the bed or on the chair beside where I sleep. She also sleeps where I work or watches me do my work.

- She has the sweetest meow just like the sweet kitten she is. She replies when you talk or look at her.

- She is trained to come with a whistle tone.

- I'm trying my best to get her in the best shape she can be before the adoption.

- Please feel free to ask any further questions on the kitten.

Thanks for your time to read through!

....I am in Bandar Utama. I prefer whatsapp but calls and messages are fine.

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Siamese Mix(Pls Read)Selangr/penang - Siamese + Domestic Short Hair Cat

Siamese Mix(Pls Read)Selangr/penang - Siamese + Domestic Short Hair Cat

Siamese Mix(Pls Read)Selangr/penang - Siamese + Domestic Short Hair Cat

Siamese Mix(Pls Read)Selangr/penang - Siamese + Domestic Short Hair Cat

Pretty lil Miya :)
Pretty lil Miya :)

more tantrums. Sigh.
more tantrums. Sigh.

Tantrum for bringing in two other kitties to her kingdom.
Tantrum for bringing in two other kitties to her kingdom.

Fluffy tail
Fluffy tail

Current Miya. Notice her fluffy tail?
Current Miya. Notice her fluffy tail?

Applied turmeric to ease her from scratching and to kill bacterias
Applied turmeric to ease her from scratching and to kill bacterias

:D No i dnt want shower!!
:D No i dnt want shower!!

Kurang ajak budak ni tidur macam apa
Kurang ajak budak ni tidur macam apa

Before healing, red and dry skin. Always scratches.
Before healing, red and dry skin. Always scratches.

Before After progress
Before After progress

Poor thing slept anywhere she could.
Poor thing slept anywhere she could.

Spot the dark spot under her paws? Caused by dry skin
Spot the dark spot under her paws? Caused by dry skin

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dry skin
dry skin

Day 1
Day 1

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Her favourite paper clamp


Her crazy self now

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Share your comments here2 Comments
fanjsb6   Sep 30th 2016 at 1:33AM
I am wondering how is this cat doing? I noticed it is already adopted. If by any chance, this kitten is not compatible with the existing owner, do let me know.
PriyaArth   Sep 30th 2016 at 4:35PM
Hi there fanjsb6, she is doing great with her current adopter, a huge playspace n she is taking over the older kitties! It is nice of you to ask though. Take care!

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