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Fred - Adopted! - German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog
DogGerman Shepherd Dog Mix
ProfileMale, 6 Years 10 Months
BodyMedium Size, Short Fur
ColorBlack, Brown
LocationKuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Posted18 Nov 2016 (Updated 2 Jan 2017)
Adoption FeeRM 200
Verified Rescuer
  1 Comment
~Update: 2 Jan 2017~
Fred has been adopted! Ginger will have another new profile for her own to help her find her forever home.

~Update: 27 Nov 2016~
Fred and Ginger have been neutered and spayed, and are now recuperating from their respective surgeries. Next up is getting them vaccinated and corresponding quarantine period to ensure they're not harbouring any hidden illnesses.

They're so far active and healthy, with good appetites. My vet says they are in too good condition to be strays, hence a stronger suspicion that they may have been abandoned. I'm still trying to find them a home where they can be together because they are so attached to each other (we suspect they're siblings), although I am not closed to the idea of getting them adopted separately if really need be.

Please do consider adopting them together and give them a second chance at having a family.

Adoption conditions:
1. Love them and respect them as you would treat any other person (treat them like how you would like to be treated), provide them access to clean water, healthy food, medical treatments and most of all, give them love and attention.
2. A meet-up between potential adopter and the dogs would be recommended so both can meet each other and see if there's chemistry.
3. Allow occasional visitations so I may see how the adopter and dogs are doing. This will only be once in a while as I respect your privacy.

An adoption fee would apply to cover some of their medical expenses.

~Original Post~
I very recently spotted Fred and Ginger near my parents' place. They were not there before, so they must have only just been dumped. Why I suspect that they're dumped pets? They display the following characteristics:

1. They have been in the same spot, out in the open, looking like they're waiting for their owner to return for them. Based on my observation of typical strays, they don't like to be out in the open and prefer to hide, coming out only when they need to look for food.

2. They are friendly; they came right up to me when I got down from my car. Again, looking like they were expecting their owner to come pick them up and take them home. They let me pet them and did not shy away from me at all. Typical strays would just run away when I even step out of my car and will only touch the food after I have driven off.

The area where they are at is not safe for them because the people there may call the local council to catch them anytime because they are not stray-friendly at all. And given that Fred and Ginger stay out in the open, they make their presence known because people can see them whenever they pass by.

I don't know how old they are, I am just guesstimating that they're around 1-2 years old. Please note that they are NOT purebred German Shepherds but they look like they have some mix of GS in them. They are medium sized, with somewhat short legs (reminds me of basset hounds). Put these features together and you get awesomely cute mixed breeds!

I am willing to get them neutered, spayed and vaccinated before they go to their new homes. That is what the adoption fee will go towards.

Please find it in your heart to give them a second chance at a home. They've already been dumped once (I suspect); please give them a second chance. If possible, do adopt them together because they are such a lovely couple! (see photo)

They don't have much time; I would like to get them off the streets as soon as possible before the people call the local council on them. But I can't do it without securing a home for them first because I cannot afford long-term boarding for them.

Please contact me at if you're interested. Genuine adopters only. Thank you.

Adopt, don't shop.
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Fred - Hello!
Fred - Hello!

Ginger & Fred
Ginger & Fred

Ginger - please take this collar off me!
Ginger - please take this collar off me!

But we had to put the e-collar back on Ginger coz she wouldn't stop fussing at her spay stitches
But we had to put the e-collar back on Ginger coz she wouldn't stop fussing at her spay stitches

Ginger was so happy to be free of her e-collar!
Ginger was so happy to be free of her e-collar!

Trying to get Fred to do the catwalk so we could take a profile photo of him
Trying to get Fred to do the catwalk so we could take a profile photo of him

Fred - slurp!
Fred - slurp!

Hi, I'm Fred!
Hi, I'm Fred!

Fred looking good
Fred looking good

So happy to see each other!
So happy to see each other!

Fred & Ginger reunited briefly!
Fred & Ginger reunited briefly!

Fred & Ginger are so in love!
Fred & Ginger are so in love!


Fred & Ginger
Fred & Ginger

Fred & Ginger
Fred & Ginger

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Share your comments here1 Comment
MarcusJudeDoss   Nov 27th 2016 at 10:08PM
im interested whatsapp me at this number

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