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Found in Sungai Buloh
Domestic Short Hair, 2 Yrs

Lost in Johor Bahru
Destiny, 3 Yrs

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3 Cute Kittens - Domestic Short Hair Cat
CatDomestic Short Hair
ProfileMixed Gender, 13 Years
Amount3 Pets
BodyMedium Size, Short Fur
LocationOld Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
Posted1 Nov 2009 (Updated 18 Sep 2010)
Adoption FeeFREE
Verified Rescuer
We were separated from mom and dumped at less than a week old! But along came a big box and milk from a bottle 8 times a day, bless :)

We're looking forward to good homes when were turn two months old, do come and visit soon!
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3 Cute Kittens - Domestic Short Hair Cat

3 Cute Kittens - Domestic Short Hair Cat

3 Cute Kittens - Domestic Short Hair Cat

3 Cute Kittens - Domestic Short Hair Cat

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Page: 1 2    21 Comments
Jacqueline   Nov 2nd 2009 at 5:04PM
of course Sakura 747. May I have your contact pls
sakura747   Nov 2nd 2009 at 8:32PM
I am not sure if my mum allows me.sorry.... but I will try my best to get it! :)
Jacqueline   Nov 4th 2009 at 2:40AM
Looking forward to hear from you.
borhan85   Nov 10th 2009 at 3:40AM
i would like to adopt 1 kitten..male 1 still available?
Jacqueline   Nov 11th 2009 at 3:01AM
Dear Borhan85,

Yes, they are. When ?. Its stiill too young presently
borhan85   Nov 11th 2009 at 8:19AM
whenever the cute is ready just let me know..
can contact me at or do text me at.
Jacqueline   Nov 11th 2009 at 6:00PM

I will call when thay are ready. Are you just interested in tiger looking kittens only ?
borhan85   Nov 11th 2009 at 7:37PM
yup..the tiger looking kitten..but if not available, any male kitten would be.
hatemetoday   Nov 12th 2009 at 12:23PM
feel like crying seeing little tiger with the bottle...Jac/borhan..god bless you..sob sob
Jacqueline   Nov 12th 2009 at 8:15PM
They are getting stronger but still a long way to go.I have started them on softened Royal Canin Baby Cat mixed with a/d diet. RC Baby Cat is a magical food as far as I am concerned. They should catch up preety fast. will keep you posted. The 2 stronger ones are "running" now with their legs spreaded out. But, they are "running ". The third is walking steadily now.
EkienAshikin   Nov 14th 2009 at 11:34AM
i can`t bear crying wen saw those kittens feeding the milk... huhuhu... i kind of interested but still waiting 4 henry.... if azraf doesnt let me to take care of henry.. can i adopt one of this angel??
borhan85   Nov 16th 2009 at 3:14AM
glad to hear that they r fine and healthy..
Jacqueline   Nov 16th 2009 at 9:58PM
Dear Borhan 85,

Not quite. The weakest turns out to be the strongers now. HOW...... she suck the least of this questionable milk by name of Petalac when we couldn't secure Ormilak, an excellent milk.

They are out of the woods but still delicate. One has flu. All sleep in seperate bedding/cage with 24hours hot water bottle services ! They love it . I know.They stretched out even with their forelimbs as if they are on the beach in Miami. Hard work. They love it & so they shall have it.
cyndilai   Dec 1st 2009 at 5:07PM
Any criteria for the adoption?
Jacqueline   Dec 3rd 2009 at 12:47AM

They are back to health now. Criteria.... Love cats, love animal. If you do, you will do what is right for the animal for the love you have for it will always do right. Preferably no high rise. They want to go out so much that they may jump.
cyndilai   Dec 3rd 2009 at 4:20PM
Dear Jacqueline,

Thanks for the reply.
When will they be available for adoption?I have a 10/11 months old kitten which I've adopted this CNY and interested in adopting a second one.
I understand that not all cats mix along easily and if I'm gonna adopt the kitten,will bring along mine to see how it goes.I had spayed my kitty and will do the same if I've successfully adopted another.

Currently my kitty is a homey but spending day time playing outside the big garden opposite the house and car porch.At night, she sometimes sleeps in the room/living room/right in front of the room.If successfully adopt one of the kitten,I will keep the kitten in a cage which I have already for protection and will let it go around freely when I think it's appropriate.

In terms of meals,I gotta be honest that I can't afford expensive brands but I would switch their food periodically (knowing that they would get bored with the same food everyday) and also pamper them with wet food (weekly) and treats once in a while.Also,I do go to a regular vet for consultation/treatment if there is a need for the kitty.

Do let me know if you would like to make arrangement for the adoption.Hope to hear from you soon.

Bella( My kitty) and I had a profile and pictures in United Cats which u can view at http://en.unitedcats.com/cat/elleb

Have a nice day.

Jacqueline   Dec 5th 2009 at 12:29AM
Dear Cyndilai,

Thank you & Bless you. You have a very good understanding of cats.Does Bella need to cross any road to reach her beloved playground ?

Kindly call for a time to meet kittens & all. No thursday as we hold community cats & dogs sterilization programme. After lunch to 6.30 pm woild be good.

We have to be careful about dried food. Some cause kidney failure; others stones. High quality easily assimilated food cost more. Naturally, lower quality cost less as much of it is passed out for the body couldn't use them. Cats eat less in volume of the better grade too. In some way, given into consideration of volume & subsequent medical care; the cost evens out. Infact, your medical bills on surgeries & eventual prescription diet will cost more. There are some choices now as against just Wiskas & Friskies before.Moreover, it also make more sense to simply steam fish esp. Sardines ( they love it )& chicken fillet with some water. often, they love the soup more than the meat.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Borhan 85,

The kittens are ready for homing now. When would you like to meet them. The girl is super smart. They slept on hot water bottles earlier. When her bed is not made; she will ruffle up a "cave " with the newspapers lining until we fitted her " bed".

Freddie, the tiniest. Bless him. We worked hard to save him from THAT MILK which destroyed the bacterial culture in its & all the siblings guts. We supplemented their daily food with pro-biotic to stimulate a new gut culture. Sadly, we found he has a deformed penis in the sense that the penis aperture is tahe of a tiny pin. Still tiny Freddie ( I haven't seen his other siblings doing it )climbs into the adult potties & empty his bladder there. He has better toilet habits than the others. When bigger, we will get some corrective surgery done. He is normal otherwise & follow human everywhere for love. HE DESERVES A LOVING PARENT. He functions a normal excepts he pees slowly.

Pls call o12 on viewing.
cyndilai   Dec 6th 2009 at 3:26PM
Dear Jacqueline,

Yes.Bella do have to cross the road (lesser than 5m width) but traffic is minimal as it's a guarded housing area.It is save for pets to go around even without supervision.

Regarding to the food,I can understand your concern and any animal lover/responsible owner will do and give their best to ensure they are safe and healthy.

I will notify in advance before making an appointment to see the kitties :-)
These cuties are really lucky to be in your arms.
May God bless you and your family.

Jacqueline   Dec 8th 2009 at 1:06AM

4 more lovely kitties & mum joined us today. 3 gingers & one tri-colour. All very tiny but very lovable.

Regardless, I am very concern on Bella crossing. I have seen too many flattened felines on road. Are you aware there are paychos who will aim for animals on road to hit to go on high ?

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