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Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat
CatSnowshoe + Siamese
ProfileMale, 4 Years 4 Months
BodySmall Size, Medium Fur
ColorBrown, Cream, White
LocationSubang Jaya, Selangor
Posted22 Oct 2018 (Updated 29 Oct 2018)
Adoption FeeRM 240
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Hi there! My name is Chip, courtesy of my cookie like coat. Today I will be applying for the job “ Pet Cat “ but before I tell you about myself please check out my profile.

Name: Chip (Amos)
Age: 2 months
Sex: Male
Breed: Snowshoe mix

* Hooman —> Human *

It all started 3 weeks ago. After our mother abandoned us, I knew things were never going to be the same. I had to look after my baby sister and though times were hard we persevered. We grew weak living on the streets, scavenging for scraps and dealing with the rats.
But that all changed when the hooman came. The hooman grabbed my sister and I didn’t know what to do. But my instincts kicked in and it was fight or flight. Before I could act the hooman grabbed me too. We were stuffed in a hoodie and brought back to a house. We were greeted by another hooman and two K9s.
These hoomans inspected us and concluded that we were very ill. I had an eye infection and mange.My eye infection was quickly treated. We were living our best lives getting fed till our bellies were bloated. And having a warm cozy place to sleep.
A few days later my sister started getting ill, losing weight and having diarrhoea. She was rushed to the vet but sadly died of a stomach virus. When I started to get diarrhoea, these hoomans also rushed me to the vet where I was given some antibiotics and a deworming shot. I was told that I might not make it.
10 days later of pushing through and eating yummy boiled chicken, I gained weight and fought the virus. I made it out alive, but now it was time to treat my crusty ears. The hoomans brought me back to the vet where I received my first dose of mange medicine and my new diet plan of Royal Canine weaning pellets. Though I missed my boiled chicken, my big appetite helped me gain 220 grams by my next visit to the vet. I received my 2nd dose of mange medicine along with the news that I am recovering well. In 2 weeks time, I will be going for my first vaccine and 3rd dose of mange medicine if my ears haven’t fully healed.
This brings us to the present. Although I love these hoomans, I am looking for a permanent home. Now that I am healthy I am hoping to find a loving family that will tolerate my foot fetish, big appetite, loud meows for attention, playful attitude and the constant cleaning of my litter box (yes I am also litter trained).

Hi! I am the hooman responsible for Chip. If you’re interested please be aware that we are looking for responsible owners who will spay him when the time comes at around 8-9 months old. It is also preferred that his new owner has less then 4 other cats as Chip needs all the time and devotion where possible. In terms of how he is kept, in or out of the house depends on you but please ensure that he learns how to come home and his vaccinations are kept up to date so he does not get sick again. His vet bills have cost quite a big sum, therefore we would like his new family to help contribute to the cost. By doing so you are proving that you have the financial capabilities to look after a cat, thus we won’t need to take a deposit as insurance for his neutering in the future.Receipts will be shown!

The current cost of Chip:

1st round to the vet:
RM 66 —> deworm, deflea and antibiotics

2nd round to the vet:
RM 35 —> 1st mange jab and cat food

Mange jab that lasts 1 week

3rd round to the vet:
RM 57.60 —> 2nd mange jab and cat food

Mange jab that lasts 2 weeks

I also got him a cat tree that costs RM 82

Total: RM 240.60

I am not sure how much the vaccination and 3rd mange shot will cost but I will update.

Update: In his latest visit, the vet said that his mange is healing well and therefore won’t need another shot. He was also dewormed again and vaccinated. Now the cost of him is over RM 300 and this is a lot for a rescued cat but I am still willing to keep the price at RM 240 for serious adopters!

He has been kept freely indoors this whole time and has only been fed with Royal Canin Pellets. The fur on his ears are slowly growing back but other than that he is perfectly healthy and active. He has a very loving personality and will cuddle with you when he has the chance. I know most people won’t spend money on a stray cat, but please give this little guy a chance. Adopt Don’t Shop! :)

He will come with a free but used: cat bowl, litter tray, carrier, collar and shower wipes.

Please Share, I am trying to get him adopted ASAP!
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Chip Now
Chip Now

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Hair Growing Back
Hair Growing Back

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

Chip (Amos)  - Snowshoe + Siamese Cat

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Medical Records


My Friend the Doge
My Friend the Doge

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