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Blueberry Dumpling - Siamese Cat
ProfileFemale, 2 Years 8 Months
BodyLarge Size, Short Fur
ColorBrown, Cream, White
LocationPetaling Jaya, Selangor
Posted10 Aug 2019 (Updated 16 Aug 2019)
Adoption FeeFREE
I found Blueberry about a week after she was born just outside of my apmt (both parents appear to be strays, Siamese colors/patterns) while I was driving out and she was crying,alone and hungry in the middle of the road just in front of the guard house. No one wanted to help so I took it upon myself to foster and care for her till I can find a suitable home for her. I had a cat of my home so didn't think I could keep another one seeing as the apmt rules didn't allow keeping of pets in general, but I didn't realize this at the time I had my first cat. I was hoping to care for her till she was looking well,bigger and healthy enough for adoption. On the suggestions of my family and friends to try and let the kitten and my cat get to know each other, I could probably keep her as they all seem to love her. So I tried to let them both start to be aware and know each other for around 2 weeks, between the safety of a glass partition. All this while I have been keeping her quarantined and safe from my bigger cat. When it appears that my cat was a bit more docile, I allowed them to meet for the first time. However things took a turn for the worst as my cat went nuts and attacked poor Blueberry, causing a rupture on one of her cornea. This ended my attempts to find her a home quickly as I had to race to save her eye and make sure she's constantly monitored and had her eye medication. Thankfully, the doctor was satisfied that her eye healed up as best as it did and we didn't need to surgically remove her eye. But due to my first cats actions, this also meant that we now have another new cat in the family. The constant difficulty is always having to keep the 2 cats apart as they both now hate each other and can never get along. But Blueberry's injured eye is now quite normal and reacts to light and movements very much the same as her other unaffected eye does.
My only sad regret now is that I still may be forced to give up Blueberry for adoption as I will be migrating soon overseas and decided that it is best that she doesn't come along as I will be staying in a home that keeps a big dog or 2 and the outdoors poses much danger such as falcons,eagles,foxes and other animals that might harm her as she's been unaccustomed to the outdoors since she was a kitten and by nature, she is very wary and skittish due to her kitten trauma. My own mother will be able to take care of my first cat, but 2 will be too much of an undertaking for her.
So I would like to try and reach out to anyone who may be willing to give Blueberry a loving home as I know the long distance travel, quarantine periods and more travel to a very new and possibly hostile environment for her may be too much for her nerves to handle. She loves to play catch and is also able to amuse herself by playing with her own tail.
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Blueberry Dumpling - Siamese Cat

Blueberry Dumpling - Siamese Cat

Blueberry Dumpling - Siamese Cat

Blueberry Dumpling - Siamese Cat

Blueberry Dumpling - Siamese Cat

Share your comments here2 Comments
Hikari703   Aug 13th 2019 at 8:56PM
Oh goshh
She is so sweettttt
JoannaSuhanaSabtu   Aug 15th 2019 at 2:56AM
Is she still available for adoption?..

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