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Ke Er - Poodle Dog
For Adoption
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ProfileFemale, 2 Years 4 Months
VaccinatedNot Sure
SpayedNot Sure
BodySmall Size, Medium Fur
LocationPekan Nanas, Johor
Posted6 Mar 2020
Adoption FeeRM 350
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This pet has been listed for over 90 days and may already have been adopted. Kindly notify us if it is no longer available, to help us maintain an accurate database of pets.

Remember my friend – ADOPT, DON’T BUY! Keep in mind that a pet is a LIFETIME commitment.

Adoption fee includes the expenses of BASIC medical care of the animal : deworming + neutering + full vaccinations + microchip.

杜绝黑心繁殖,选择领养不购买! 谨记,宠物是一辈子的责任,领养不弃养。
领养费用包括 狗狗的结扎费用 + 驱虫 + 注射预防针 + 注射宠物晶片,这些是狗狗应得的医药福利。

-------Ke er's Reborn Story-------

【贵宾犬在寻觅不会让她失望的新主人】 🙏
Poodle for adoption (eng version below)


但这只贵宾犬 "可儿" 是个例外

第一次看到可儿,我们都在摇头,『这是什么? 这看起来还像是一只狗吗?』

她的毛囊虫皮肤病因没有及时妥当治疗,变得严重,非常瘦弱、一只左后脚因为医生的失误,注射了皮肤病药物伤了她的经脉,变成弯曲起来的,脖子也有点歪,它走路的时候只能看着别人的脚后跟,只有坐着的时候才抬的起头 ...





她需要的只是一点点让你爱上她的时间,她很安静、爱干净也不随地大小便,整体健康和心理状况已经比初期改善很多,可儿希望你不要介意她的一些小缺陷 ... 领养联系 7123 🐶 (可儿目前在我们园区)

/ 感谢可儿的贵人们 ❤🙏
非常感激 Under One Woof 及时带可儿看医生和暂时照顾她 ❤

非常感激 PETS UNION 爱心接力,帮可儿义务剪毛,剪得美美的,也在她们的陪伴暂养下可儿变得活泼多了 ❤😊

We're helping this rescued poodle to find a new owner who will not let her down 🙏

We have always refused to accept pets with owner, let alone pedigree dog. As the owner should be responsible for the life of their pet.

But this poodle "Ke Er" is an exception.
She has an owner.

The first time we saw it, we were keep shaking our heads. "Does this still looks like a dog?"

Her Demodex skin problem was not treated properly in initial stage, it became so serious, she's very thin and malnourished, and her left hind foot was injured by a vet's mistake.

The injection of a dermatological drug injured her nerves, she can only bends her left hind foot all the time now, and her neck was also a little awkward. She can only lift up her head when she sits.

At first, she would bite because of fear. Later, we also found that Ke Er was very inferior. She bows her head down all the time and curls up in the corner. The big move of raising up hand will terrify her.

We are very mad.
How can the dog in such a bad shape under owner's care?

The owner shows no guilty and refuted, "If I don't love her, I won't ask for your help!"

We took over Ke Er and decided to find a new good owner for her. She's a timid girl but as long as you are good to her, within a few days she will open her heart to love you, wagging her tail happily (there's a recent video of her in comment box)

All she needs is a little bit of time for you to fall in love with her. She is quiet, loves to be clean and toilet trained. The overall health and psychological condition has improved a lot.

Ke Er hope you wouldn't mind her imperfection. For adoption contact us at 7123 🐶

/ Big thank you to Under One Woof for helping to send Ke Er to doctor and take care of her ❤

Thank you Pets Union offers Ke Er free grooming and Ke Er became so much lively under their temporary foster care 😊❤ #HopejbRescue #HopeJbAdopt

(eng version below)
可儿好棒、好漂酿 😍👏🏻
只要有爱,没什么不可能的 ❤

可儿赶得及出席这个周末的领养100活动去找家噢,领养代替购买 🙏 活动详情 ~ shorturl.at/oLN04

我们要非常感激 PETS UNION 宠物店全体的爱心照顾❤!


当时我们只是把可儿送过去Pets Union剪毛而已,但老板娘知道可儿是个特别的孩子,需要很多的爱心陪伴让她打开心房,爽快的不收一毫,帮忙暂养可儿到今天,陪她一步步找回健康和快乐 👍👏

可儿不止变成开朗、有信心、没有皮肤病的孩子,而之前伤到的后脚在这几天还奇迹般的可以踏地了! 她还和Pets Union其中一只肥仔店狗成了好朋友😂😂 ( 肥仔也是老板娘和我们领养的 😊🐶

但因为有过不好的经历 ... 有好吃的食物、舒服的好床,可儿都有想抢过来的习惯,她怕再也吃不到、再也睡不到 ... 也不喜欢其他狗和她共享 ... (但这些行为在Pets Union团队教导下其实已有改善很多)

家里没有狗的家庭其实会更适合可儿,领养人也需多多理解和包容她 🙏

可儿的过去,『这是什么? 这看起来还像是一只狗吗?』 :

如果没有足够的经济能力、爱心、和责任心饲养宠物,呼吁大家那就不要养,养了反而是种伤害 🙏

Ke Er looked up confidently! She is such a beautiful girl now 🐶❤ Her changes are really big. Where there is love, there is life.

*Ke Er will also attend our coming Adoption 100 Event on this weekend to find a home, event details - shorturl.at/oLN04

We would really like to thank Pets Union for their kind foster care to the poodle “Ke Er” that we rescued two months ago. At that time, when we took her over from the owner, she doesn't looks like a dog at all.

She bowed her head down all the time and was afraid of human touch, she was so thin and stink as she had serious Demodex skin problem. And she had a disabled hind leg.

At that time, we sent Ke Er to Pets Union for grooming, but the lady boss knew that Ke Er is a special furkid and needed a lot of love and companion for her to open up her heart, the kind shop helped us to foster Ke Er since then without charging a cent, thank you!

Not only did Ke Er becomes a cheerful, confident, and healthy girl, but the injured hind foot was also miraculously able to step on the ground lately!

She also became a good friend with one of the shop dogs named Fatty 😂😂 (Fatty is adopted from us by Pets Union previously ❤

But because of her bad experience before ... Whenever there's delicious food and comfortable beds, Ke Er has the habit of trying to grab it and doesn't like to share it with the other dogs. Just like she is afraid that she will never be able to eat or sleep ... (But these behaviors have actually improved a lot under the guidance of the Pets Union team)

Families without dogs are actually more suitable for Ke Er, and we hope that adopters can understand and tolerate her with love 🙏

Let's give Ke Er a forever loving home.
Adoption saves lives. Your decision will change their life.
Ke Er's previous plight :

If you don't have the economic ability, kindness and responsibility to keep a pet for 10-15 years, it's better not to keep a pet then if not it will turns out to be a tragedy for the pet 🙏

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Ke Er - Poodle Dog

Ke Er - Poodle Dog

Ke Er - Poodle Dog

Ke Er - Poodle Dog

Ke Er - Poodle Dog

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Share your comments here1 Comment
JesOh   Mar 7th 2020 at 11:37PM
Hi, me and my family are interested to adopt Ke Er, can we have more information to adopt her?

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