Fox Parade Close Up


Fox parade close up by Rayya The Vet

Fox parade close up, a photo by Rayya The Vet on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is a closeup that I took today. This is when I identified that the animals were FOXES. We were driving home and we saw this sight. We actually had to stop and I walked down to assess the situation more closely. I wasn’t sure what animals they were from a distance.
Not such a nice thing to see on my birthday!
I would like this to be a topic for discussion.
I realise foxes kill alot of animals and they usually do it for fun and it is pretty horrible to come and see all your chooks missing their heads. They usually don’t always eat the animals they kill.
However, I am wondering if this is the new strategy to ward off foxes! The smell of their rotting carcasses was horrendous. I did see a mob of sheep in the nearby paddock with their newborn lambs. So I would like people’s thoughts on this…

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