It's A Shame!


Its pathetic to see and know how some rescuers can go to the extend of bad mouthing people and spreading false rumours just because we refuse to give in to them. Do not think we don’t know what you are up to. We have kept in silent all the while but it has now cross our boarder. We shall not tolerate any longer. 
This is the first and will also be the last time we are going to explain ourselves after which we will not comment on the issue anymore. We shall leave it to the public to make their own judgment. We trust the public is sane enough to see who is the real culprit.

It all started back in the month of October when we received an email from Subeneswari Velaiath requesting our sponsorship on the spaying and medical care of a dog name Darling.

Here is the email:-

Hi there,

I met this dog near my neighborhood, Taman Sejahtera, Bukit Mertajam. She is having something like tumor on her vagina. I’m too sure too what wrong with her. I and my friend are feeding her every day. We are bringing her to Vet tomorrow to check on her.

Will MDDB able give us some subsidize on the bill? I will forward the bill once the treatment is done.
Appreciate your soonest reply.

MDDB’s reply:-

Hi Subenes,

It looks like cauliflower cancer. Please bring the dog to Dr. Law near Megamall. Let us know when you will be going and we will have someone call Dr. Law prior to arrange the appointment. We will try to subsidize on the medical bill.

Thank you.

And please quarantine the dog from others as cauliflower cancer can spread to other dogs through sex.

Subenes’s reply dated 18th Oct:-

Cool. Thank you so much for your reply.
I have already applied leave for tomorrow and will bring her to Dr. Law, first thing tomorrow morning, will quarantine her too.

Subenes’s email dated 20th Oct:-

Hi there,

I brought her yesterday to Dr. Law. He confirmed that the dog is having TVT and he advised that it can be cured with chemo jabs, once a week for 4 weeks. And after you recommended us, he agreed to give RM70 per injection. I have attached the receipt too. I will bring the dog for all 4 jabs before spaying her. Please advise how much you could subsidize for me. The total is going be about RM 280.00 and for spaying, could you please recommend where I should go. Does government veterinary charge cheaper? Is there subsidize from MDDB for spaying.

I have attached some photos too. Please have a look.

MDDB’s reply dated 21st Oct:-

Hi Subenes,
We shall sponsor 50% of the medical bill RM70(x2) + spaying fee for the dog – RM110 (as per government rate). You may bring the dog to Penang Government Vet for the spaying and request them to do an ear tipping on the left. Once spaying done, please forward us the original receipt together with a photo of the dog and a photo showing the ear tipping. Once we receive the documents, we will reimburse the money to your account.
Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.

Subenes’s email dated 21st Oct:-

Hi there, just want to confirm again. The sponsor will be 50% for 2 chemo jabs (RM35 per jab) and 100% for spaying fee (RM110). Total sponsor will be RM 180 rite? I really need to be clear because I need to prepare the funds. J
For the sponsor of spaying fee, I will forward you the original receipt, photo of the dog and the ear tipping. Please provide the address to forward.
Can we claim the medical bill 1st after the 2nd chemo next week? I will email you the soft copy of the 2 receipts once it’s done.
I really appreciate the help you guys are giving.
I want to ask your opinion too, do you think I should send the dog to SPCA BM or leave her at the same place after all the treatment and spaying but will continue to feed her.
Thanks you.


 >>>> Note that she is the one suggesting to send the dog to SPCA BM but ended up blaming us for asking her to send the dog to the shelter just so that we could saved on the sponsorship in her own Facebook wall

And by the way, we do not think its fair to sponsor surrender fees to rescuers to send dogs to shelter.  This will only encourage people to send strays to existing shelters which are already fully loaded. Besides that, it does not serve our purpose of promoting TNR AT ALL.
Subenes, if you have the least of brain left in your head, please make full use of it!

MDDB’s follow up on 8th Nov:-

How Darling now? Did you still quarantine her? Another 2 jabs to go rite?

Subenes’s reply on the same day:-

No, I don’t. How to quarantine her?


Yes, she is on the street. Tell me how to quarantine her then.


So, this lunatic bimbo promise us happily she will quarantine the dog during the TVT treatment to prevent the disease from spreading to other dogs BUT now she is asking us on how to quarantine? HELLO!?! 
Even though we know we have been used in this case, we still decide to go ahead with the medical subsidization and sponsorship of spaying for the dog just for the sake of the animal. Unfortunately, she really does treat us like a bunch of idiots.

We have clearly stated out to her we will only reimburse the money after the dog has completed the TVT treatment and she has been spayed. This is to ensure that the dog will not encounter the same fate again in times to come.

She had agreed to the terms before hand but right after the dog completed the TVT jabs, she email to us again asking for us to reimburse her the money.

Subenes’s email dated 14th Nov:-

Hi there,
I have finished Darling’s 4 chemo jabs. It will be a great help if I could claim the chemo jabs first as I’m having short of funds. Dr. Law advised we can spay her after 2 weeks, which will be end on the month. I will forward the 2 receipts for the claim tomorrow. Please acknowledge once you receive the receipts, would appreciate that.

MDDB’s reply on 18th Nov:-

Dear Subenes,
From our communication back in Oct 29th and your reply back on Oct 31st, we have agreed that payment will only be issued upon 100% recovery from TVT and that you have spayed the dog. We will need to get a photo of the dog after it has been spayed (with the ear tipping) and also the receipts all in original.
We shall proceed with the claim after we have obtained all the required items.
Thank you.
After the last mail, she practically disappear until we realized she was lashing out at us in her own Facebook wall. If she think our rules are so damn dumb, then why does she happily agreed to them in the first place?

With the existence of such lunatics, it has cause us to set more stringent rules to prevent un-genuine rescuers. To those genuine rescuers, we sincerely apologize but blame it on these psychopaths as they are the ones who make lives difficult.

As said, we will not comment about this issue after this. We shall leave it to the public to judge.

Source: http://mddb-mccp.blogspot.com/2011/12/its-shame.html



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