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With reference tohttp://myanimalcare.org/2011/12/30/at-our-panel-vets/, I have just spoken to one of our panel vets about this problem.

He has been helping us A LOT in the past two years with our spay-neuter cases. I explained to him that I had never intentionally intercepted his patients by offering the subsidy, but due to the recommendations of his assistant, I have previously thought the recommendation had come from him.

He understood where I was coming from and said he is aware of this problem.

I also told him about our subsidy programme with other vets where rescuers pay the bill first (as charged by the vet) and then claim a subsidy from us. That way, there would be no misunderstanding of any “interception”. He immediately said this arrangement is much better for him as well and he would prefer it.

So, as of 4th January (I still have to honour my word for three more cases until 3rd January which we have pledged to sponsor in full), we will also work on a subsidy claim by rescuers who go to this vet. As such, for those who opt for this vet, they would follow the same procedure as in making a claim from a non-panel vet, ie. pay the bill first and claim a subsidy from me.

Our rates are:

Male cat RM60
Female cat RM100
Male dog RM100
Female dog RM120

A photograph of the animal by email BEFORE the procedure and the original receipt by post are required.

If the vets rates are lower than the above, we will subsidise the lower one.

As a rescuer, if you are really in dire straits, you can always explain your predicament to any vet and it would be the vet’s prerogative to offer you a lower rate. In fact, the vet would be a better judge than me since I normally don’t even get to see you or your animal at all. It would be fairer for the vet to gauge for himself those worthy of being helped. This would also prevent abuse, ie. people who bring in their pets.

It is also about time we be fair to our vet who has helped us for two-and-a-half years now, absorbing all the “losses” by giving us a discounted rate. This vet has helped us with the majority of our cases. It is also about time we nurture a community of more responsible rescuers who will not depend on a charitable organisation solely to settle the entire bill.

As for our other panel vet in Subang Jaya, the full sponsorship is still available, but only for male animals. For female animals, we have to ask for a small donation back as this vet charges according to the weight for dogs and the female cat rate is on the high-end. So, to pro-rate the cost, we will only fully absorb the cost for males only. For females, we will let you know how much “donation” to give back to our fund.

Sorry, it’s “forced” donation…our money is also very hard-earned. We have no corporate sponsors and contrary to many people’s assumptions, we are NOT supported by any Buddhist organisation per se. We are supported by friends and well-wishers and since I serve the Buddhist societies, we are allowed to raise funds occasionally when I give talks at these societies and during the two Buddhist festivals each year since generosity is very integral to the practice of the religion.

We sell tshirts to raise funds, we receive donations from well-wishers, I give talks to people, I write books and I report the day’s cases, sometimes writing till the wee hours at midnight just so that donors know how their money is being used and for whom. All this helps in our fund raising. It is a lot of hard work. My phone bill is exorbitant every month, and this is also partly because some rescuers don’t even bother to reply smses, until I have to type “please reply this sms” before they would respond to say, “Yes, I have taken the animal home”. Gosh, we are already paying RM100 or more, is it too expensive to send a 15 sen sms to make life a little easier for me?

So, nurturing a community of animal caregivers who would share the responsibility (financial and others) works well for everyone involved.

For further information, please write to me personally at chankahyein@gmail.com.

Happy New Year!

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2011/12/30/new-policy-from-4th-january-2012/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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