Subsidy For Brushy, Rescued Female Dog (Esther Cheahs)


Esther Cheah Suet Mei wrote to me 11th January, requesting help for Brushy, a rescued female dog in KL:

I’ve been feeding an abandoned dog (at least I believe she was abandoned because she would look up expectantly at every passing car) for the past few months.

She reacts very intelligently to soft commands like sit, up and no. I would like to foster her while looking for a home as she is currently still on the loose without a roof over her head. As of now, I would believe she is in danger of pregnancy and I do not want any of the boy doggies in the area to corner her now that she has no place to hide (the place she used to hide was a house waiting for occupation. They have since placed a huge stone at the entry by the gate where she used to enter the house previously to escape the other dogs).

Would appreciate if you can help me out with subsidizing her spaying and vaccination. I have found a good vet who knows she is a stray and will not charge excessively because of that.

p/s I have managed to put a collar on her in hopes that the DBKL will not catch her before I can send her for vaccination and spaying. I can’t bring her home before that because I have a cat at home and am worried she may catch something because vaccination has not taken effect. Appreciate your consideration.

So, we communicated and I offered our usual subsidy.

Thank you so much.

The kind doctor has offered to board her at the facility on the house but as she was staying out I am worried she needs to be spayed first. At the same time I am worried that the facility has all sorts of sicknesses that she will have to be vaccinated first. May I have your thoughts on whether I should vaccinate her and immediately board her for spaying the next day or should I wait in between time?

After explaining about vaccination and spaying, etc.:

Actually she’s not at the vet’s yet because by the time i got home yesterday the vet was closed. That’s probably why I worry because i’m afraid the vet’s place may be dangerous for her as she’s not vaccinated. Probably I am just paranoid but i have heard of parvo and the likes of it. Today the vet is closed so I shall bring her to the vet tomorrow.

No I do not think she is pregnant. Her last cycle was around 3 months ago. I don’t think her next is due yet. Yes agreed, I do not believe in killing unborn babies, humans and animals alike. If she’s pregnant then i’ll get ready a whelp box Spaying can come after that.

Cheers. Hope I can do this right the first time round.

And further communication ensued:

Thank you for the motivation Dr Chan

I have brought her home 2 evenings ago after I went to the house she stayed in and saw that a male dog has taken up residence in the house with her. Eeeeps! I am surprised because according to blogs, dogs only go into heat every 6 months right? Last time she had menstruation it was in Sept-Oct.

I brought her to the vet for vaccinations and deworming and they gave a blood test. Woe and betide, even more expensive than spaying. Then after the visit, headed straight home but male dogs tried to jump into my house and started crashing into my gate. I did not really know when it happened as I was not in but my poor mom and dad had to hide her in the kitchen to escape the ruckus.

My parents and neighbours are not very happy the way things are going. Do you have any idea how I can shoo the dogs away? Water spray isn’t working anymore.

Looking forward to your ideas. Thanks

And a few more emails:

Just wondering, since I broughtBrushya few days ago, she has not poopoo-ed at all anywhere in the house. Last time she could enter and exit her house easily because she is a clean doggie and does not do it in that house.
But in my home, I know she is properly kept in the lawn but she has not poopoo-ed and when we bring her out on the walks, she doesn’t do anything either.
Is there something I am not doing right? Is she constipated or is it the new environment?
Have you run into anything similar? But I did notice that she is eating some grass from the small garden at home.

I finally received the receipt today. From what I can see, the vet has done a heartworm blood test, vaccinated and dewormed Brushy and Brushy has been put on heartworm prevention.

We have subsidised RM94 for the treatments given.


Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/01/29/subsidy-for-brushy-rescued-female-dog-esther-cheahs/




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