5 Month Old Shih Tzu Pedigree Puppy For Adoption (Joo N Teng’s)


This is a third party request from Joo n Teng:

Contact – please contact Carol 019 691 3886 for more information.

5-month old Shih Tzu boy puppy (“Chez”).

Free to a good home.  Must be committed to keeping for long-term!

Pedigree – certificates from Malaysian Kennel Association.

Owner regretfully has to give up since condo management cruelly requiring to throw the puppy out.  Daughter is heartbroken so wants a good home.

Urgent – puppy is already boarding at the pet shop.  Only available for adoption next couple of days.

Please forward this email, ask friends, FB – Urgent!

 Note: For all third party requests, our disclaimer holds.


Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/01/14/5-month-old-shih-tzu-pedigree-puppy-for-adoption-joo-n-tengs/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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    hi,can you give me the puppy’s detail

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