How Infuriating!!


I seldom lose my cool (even when dealing with………..) but this does it!

This person brought a cat for neutering at our panel vet under our FULL sponsorship today (not that she cannot afford it, since she works) AND makes another appointment for another two cats under our sponsorship for another day WITHOUT asking me if we can pay for it.

Our slot tomorrow has already been booked by another rescuer who went through the proper channel through me. Now, this person barges in and makes the appointment for herself without telling me, without asking me and expects us to pay?

How much more annoying can things be, you tell me!

The clinic informed me, and of course, I said we are NOT paying for her. How presumptuous, how preposterous!

So I call her and she doesn’t pick up her phone or reply my smses. Previously, when we helped her with her other cats, she doesn’t even reply emails.

Here I am in the midst of moving house and still running AnimalCare, making appointments, ensuring appointments are kept and here I have to deal with a total…………(you won’t want to hear what I want to call her, because I don’t have the word in my vocabulary right now).

She is in the education field, for heaven’s sake. What happened to respect for rules and plain old courtesy of ASKING for a favour?


If I get more and more of these…………, we might as well not have a single panel vet (where such people can go make demands, make their own appointments under our name and create problems and extra work for the clinic). Everyone goes to their own vets and claim a subsidy later. That would spare me the nightmare of having to deal with such ill-mannered and inconsiderate people.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/01/03/how-infuriating/




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