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I had thought the new policy above would be met with complaints from rescuers but so far, my fears have been unfounded.

The few people whom I spoke to say it’s good to revise the policies to make rescuers more responsible.

This morning, I called one of the rescuers who have sought our sponsorship for many of his rescues. He doesn’t read English and is not internet-savvy, so I thought I should explain our new policy to him.

He too was happy over it and in fact, he told me that people have often remarked that many rescuers who could actually AFFORD to pay have been asking us for sponsorship. In other words, they have been taking advantage of our funds.

Well, it’s not that I don’t know this would happen. But it’s really hard to gauge who is taking advantage since all I have is trust and the rescuers’ word that they do need the funds.

When I first started AnimalCare, I went to seek our Chief Reverend’s blessings. One of our volunteers at that time was concerned that people would take advantage of our funds (ie. pet-owners or rescuers who actually are financially well-off). To this, Chief Rev said, “Let them. In all charities, 20% of the people are those who take advantage. Just remember that at the end of the day, the animals are the ones whom you’re helping. If the humans take advantage, it’s their unwholesome karma.”

VERY sound advice, I would say.

Coincidentally, yesterday, I gave a talk in Klang and this centre runs an orphanage. The person in charge told me that there is a single mother who had surrendered all her four children to the orphanage and their expenses are funded by the orphanage, but the single mum goes for overseas holidays with her new boyfriend.

There you have it – advantage-takers.

So, actually, coming back to AnimalCare, HOW do we judge who deserves help and who does not?

In our 2 1/2 years of helping rescuers and their animals, we’ve had two Datins asking for help. But can we say Datins are financially well-off? I don’t know. They are Datins by virtue of their spouses’ title. We’ve had top government officers claiming they have no money because they look after many rescued animals. Again, it could well be true, because they are looking after SO many.

Just today, I found out that one of the rescuers who have recently asked for help is a high school teacher (who definitely earns more than me!). She never told me her profession and I had thought she was a home-maker since she could not speak much English.But then again, how am I to know her financial position, right? Maybe she really needs the help?

But here’s where I wonder…those who have asked for help, don’t they want to contribute a wee bit back into our fund to help others? One good turn deserves another? Take some, give some back??

After all, it’s written clearly in our policies – if you can, please donate back to our fund. A wee bit? RM20, perhaps?

SO…the bottom line is, I will never be able to gauge who the genuinely needy rescuers are. I cannot categorise rescuers by profession or the titles they hold, because I’ll never know if they have financial difficulties.

So what yardstick can I use?


Yup, that’s all I have – Plain old-fashioned TRUST.

Trust = The rescuer’s CONSCIENCE.

We ask for honesty and may you be guided by your conscience.

In Bali, it is believed that for every deed that you do, good OR bad, you get back 10 times the reciprocity!

Happy New Year, folks!

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/01/01/rescuers-are-actually-happy-im-glad/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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