Cat With Eye Injury, In Need Of An Adopter After Treatment (Koo Swee Pors)


Koo spotted a friendly cat with an eye injury at a mall in Shah Alam:

Hi Dr Chan,

Yesterday, I was in iCity for a meeting when I encountered a cat that need medical attention but need to consult you on your expectations, estimated medical cost and its future if rescued.

It is a young (to me), friendly and beautiful (to me) tabby cat with orange coat and white on its chest and paws. I only encountered it briefly. It was unusual because iCity is seemingly devoid of any strays and I understand that its maintenance is undertaken by the developer, not the Shah Alam City Council.

It had a cloudy eye on its left and some red spots on the left side of nose near the eye which could be result of scratching. Its right eye is ok. In the worst case scenario, with eye removal, how much do you think the surgery will cost based on your experience?

What do you think is its rehoming chances after its eye removal? Adoption by me is not possible to to my family’s objection.

I have no experience in handling medical cases and lack the necessary resources (cash is tight at least until my salary paid at month-end and depending on what is the amount) but if really necessary, I can cage it till it recovers from surgery but again, I am unsure what to do with it after that. Releasing it back in iCity is not an option because I think the management is aggressive in removing strays. At the same time, I don’t want to impose on people like Maslinda any more. Can I just share the picture on AnimalCare to see if anyone wants to adopt it before any rescue? Of course, the point is that the adopter would have to take full responsibility although I will help to pay the surgery in full or as much as I can afford.

Any rescue attempt could only be done on weekend because I am working weekdays and I don’t think I can get to Healing Rooms in time. I believe the cat can be caught easily because of its friendliness.

However, if any part becomes unattainable, it would be best just to leave the cat there and hope someone else will eventually help it. I have to recognise my limitations. Please don’t feel obligated in any way and this would be my call and my consequence if need be. I just need you to help me evaluate the situation based on your experience.

Thanks and best regards,


It sure “looks” like glaucoma to my untrained eye. In our previous glaucoma case, three years ago, the surgery was RM250, which we sponsored in full, and the cat, Angel, was lucky in that she was adopted from the clinic.


http://myanimalcare.org/2009/07/29/angel-is-adopted-2/But for this case, we cannot be sure, so here’s our offer to Koo:

1. We will subsidise 50% of the treatment needed for this cat as per our policy.
2. We will help in looking for an adopter by e-publicising (as always, no guarantees).
3. Koo’s last ditch option is to surrender the (healthy) cat after recovery from treatment to PAWS. I have consulted PAWS and they do take in disabled cats and will attempt to find homes for them. PAWS also has the largest cattery in Malaysia now, so they have a lot of space for cats.

For now, Koo will bring in the cat to the vet and get it treated first. We’ll be sharing the bill.

After treatment (which may be enucleation of the eye), we will blast out to look for an adopter. Of course, we hope the eye can be saved. We hope Koo can bring in the cat quickly as a stitch in time does save nine.

That would be the plan for now.

Last ditch option – surrender to PAWS.

So, if you’d like to adopt the cat, please contact Koo atttdidog@gmail.com.

Let’s work together on this, for the cat.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/04/17/cat-with-eye-injury-in-need-of-an-adopter-after-treatment-koo-swee-pors/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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