What To Do And What NOT To Do When Reporting On Cases Of Abuse Or Animals In Need Of Assistance


1. Provide TRUE contact details so that we can call and ask for more information if we do not see the animal at the location you described. Do NOT give false details. Your details are kept confidential and only used for US to contact YOU regarding that animal and nothing else.

2. Describe the situation as accurately as possible and do stand by on email, Facebook messaging or phone to provide more details if necessary. Many who claim to love animals just make one post and consider that matter closed.

3. Do NOT exaggerate or lie to make your report sound important. Many cases in which animals were described as 'dying' or in 'great suffering' were found to be false. Such trips waste our time which we could have used to spend on the animals in the shelter. We have also realized that many cases in which there were gross exaggerations were from people who did not own pets because they 'have no time' or they 'don't know how to take care of animals' but they feel that they knew best on how animals should be treated. Most of such people also provide false details.

4. Do NOT use the SSPCA to find fault or help you to get your own back on an animal's owner just because you have a personal issue with that person. This is childish, spiteful and downright shameful.

5. Many minor cases of malnourished animals can be remedied by providing the animals with a little bit of food daily for a week or two so that they can regain some strength and be able to move on to somewhere where they can find a more constant source of food. Do NOT assume that bringing these animals to the shelter is the best solution because of the THREE questions which can be found here.http://www.facebook.com/notes/sspca-sarawak-society-for-prevention-of-cruelty-to-animals/the-three-questions/10150584077326184

Source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/sspca-sarawak-society-for-prevention-of-cruelty-to-animals/what-to-do-and-what-not-to-do-when-reporting-on-cases-of-abuse-or-animals-in-nee/10150805420216184



SPCA Sarawak

The Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals believes that animals, as living creatures, have value beyond economic measurement, and are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection. The Sarawak SPCA's mission is to act as an advocate on behalf of animals and as an enforcer of their rights; to provide for the well-being of the animals of the State of Sarawak who are abandoned, injured, subjected to unfair or cruel treatment, or otherwise in need; to cultivate in the people of our community an awareness of the animals whose world we share; to promote a bond of mutual assistance between people and animals; and to instill respect for and appreciation of all living things.

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