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Today, we introduce you to Peaches, Furball, Mr White, Scotty & Lucy. All of them are super healthy and super friendly, so do get in touch if you’d like to meet them and give them a chance to get a home of their own.

Once upon a time Peaches was a homeless dog in Langkawi. She was rescued after she was hit by a car and brought to LASSie. Now she lives a peaceful life with us. She enjoys stretching out in the grass and basking in the sunshine. She’s a dreamy girl and loves hanging out with people. She can be playful but mostly enjoys peace and quiet. We think she would be a loyal and loving companion. Would any of you like to give her the home she’s always wanted? She deserves a home and family of her very own. More pictures of Peaches…

Furball & Mr White both love humans more than they love other dogs. They would be terrific as the only dog in a home, soaking up all the attention and more TLC than anyone can handle. In return for that they will love you forever and you will have a loyal companion for life. Mr White is an active ball of energy. He loves to run around and he loves to play. He is inquisitive and curious. Furball is very affectionate and she loves to be cuddled and doted on. Furball is always gazing adoringly at her caregivers. More pictures of Furball and Mr White…

Shelter favorites Lucy and Scotty are our resident sweethearts. We think they’re in love. They play like young pups and never tire of each other’s company. Both are intelligent and well-behaved but still know how to have fun. Scotty is Lucy’s knight in shining armor, more independent, always calm and sweet. Lucy is his dear girl and he makes her feel more secure. We would love for them to be adopted as a bonded pair. These patient loving dogs would be perfect additions to any family that has time and space for them. Get in touch with us if you’d like to share your life with them! More pictures of Lucy and Scotty…

Source: http://www.langkawilassie.org.my/blog/adoption/more-dogs-looking-for-a-loving-home/




The Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation is set-up to receive, rehabilitate and care for neglected, abused and needy animals. The organization also runs the Langkawi Island Animal Clinic - a charity project aimed at the sterilization of the stray cat & dog population. Both are non profit ventures, staffed partly by volunteers and aimed at improving the lives of unwanted animals.

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