Interview With Anne-Michle & Christophe, Adopters Of Kangoo


In January 2010, Anne-Michle and Christophe decided to adopt Kangoo, a young puppy rescued by LASSie, and to bring her back to France with them. More than two years later, we asked them a few questions on how they feel about the whole experience.

How did you find out about Bon Ton Resort and its animal shelter LASSie?

We had already been to Langkawi many times, and one day while looking for a new hotel to stay, we stopped at Bon Ton Resort, checked in our room and discovered the animal shelter.

Tell us more about your encounter with Kangoo. Was it love at first sight, or did it take some time to mature?

During our second stay in Bon Ton, on the day of our arrival, a volunteer at the shelter got us to play with a 3-month old puppy, who just happened to be rescued after being left to starve for several days near a hotel by the mangrove. We started playing with her, and because she didnt have a name yet, we called her Kangoo, as she looked like a kangaroo. Anne-Michle immediately fell in love with her (as usual…), but for me it was different as I had decided not to have dogs again after the loss of my previous furry companion. And yet, that cute puppy was so amazing… and after a week in Bon Ton, all the staff had conspired with Anne-Michle in order to convince me to adopt Kangoo. They won in the end!

What do you think of the work carried out by LASSie? What would you recommend to people living or tourists coming to Langkawi if they want to be of help?

LASSie does an incredible job in Langkawi. The structure itself is quite big for such a small island and it keeps getting bigger and bigger to give more space and attention to animals in need. You also have to know that, when it comes to dogs, LASSies action is not made easy due to some religious prejudices still persistent in Malaysia. I strongly advise tourists to come and discover the shelter, and to give some of their time to love and cuddle the cats and dogs there. It is a very rewarding experience as it also gives you the opportunity to meet people living on the island, as well as other travellers from all around the world and to share ideas about animals and animal care.

How was the trip back to France arranged for Kangoo? Overall, was it complicated or rather hassle-free?

To bring her back to France was no easy task, but it would have been even harder without the help of all the staff at LASSie. Kangoo first had to get vaccinated, vermifuged and dewormed before being checked by the Malaysian veterinarian services. Once the check-up was done, we obtained the required documents for leaving Malaysia and entering Europe. We also had to get hold of a specially authorized box and to register Kangoo as special luggage. The trip is long and can be distressing for a young puppy. After a 14-hour flight and such a change in climate, it can be quite a shock. But everything went well in the end. One thing for sure, this whole adventure brought us even closer to Kangoo.

How did Kangoo adapt to her new surroundings?

She adapted quite easily to the new climate: her coat turned to winter mode extremely fast. The most difficult part was Kangoos behaviour, due to her originally being a wild dog. Her personality is that of a pet animal, but also that of a wolf and of a cat. Due to their background, wild dogs are not necessarily aggressive, but very distrustful, defensive. We also had to adapt to her ways, which took us a few months. Today were absolutely crazy about our Kangoo!

A word from Kangoo?

So, at what time do we eat in this house??? And after that, Ill go and sleep on your bed, maybe even in your arms. Its a wild dogs life… Always have to tell those Europeans what to do! Anyway, Im still gonna keepem… See y’all later!

Source: http://www.langkawilassie.org.my/blog/foundation/interview-with-anne-michele-and-christophe-who-adopted-kangoo/




The Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation is set-up to receive, rehabilitate and care for neglected, abused and needy animals. The organization also runs the Langkawi Island Animal Clinic - a charity project aimed at the sterilization of the stray cat & dog population. Both are non profit ventures, staffed partly by volunteers and aimed at improving the lives of unwanted animals.

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