Buy, Adopt Or Foster


That is the BIG question.
Are you planing on getting a fur kid? Have you asked yourself the following questions? What do I want – a cat or a dog? Where do I live? House with a garden or a tinyapartment? What do I know about the fur kid I want to get? What is the main characteristic of the breed? So many questions but for me the most important question is: Can I handle the desired animalappropriately?
Let us have a look into a few possibilities of finding it out. You may go straight to the pet shop or breeder and buy the desired animal and go home with your new fur kid and find it out the hard way that is might not be The One! What happen next if it is not The One? Many people just send it to the shelter, some try to find a new home, but there are still some people out there who just throw them away! That is surely the worst of ways.
Another way to get your fur kid would be adoption from a shelter. Getting your fur kid from the shelter not only helps the homeless and abused to find a new loving home it also helps you in yourdecision. Perhaps you’re wondering how that helps?You go to the shelters and look for a possible match and spend time with the animal and see if you bond. you may bath it, feed and take it for walks. This way you not only have contact with the fur kid but you also can ask the shelter staff about the animal’shabits, likes and dislikesand you can bond.
Have fun and make friends.
And hopefully save a fur kid and give it a new loving home……

My son with Boomer, we spent a long time with him at the shelter before we adopted him... He was our baby...


And you have the option of becoming a foster carer. Some of you may ask; What is a foster carer? A foster carer is an individual or a whole family who loves animals and want to help the homeless and sick in their home. Like me and my family!

What do we do? As a foster carer we look after the old and sick andorphan puppies. We send them to the vet, make sure they get their medicine, vaccinations and a safe haven. The average aged animal will be with us before they get adopted. They get their shots and microchips and they recover from the neutering. But most and foremost they are with us to socialize, with us human and other animals. We make sure they understand basic commands and get their dailyexercise. We send them to adoption drives and pet shows, which are organized by the shelter, to find a good home.

I personally will never buy a fur kid from the pet shop or breeder. I have sheltered fur kids and I am aenthusiastic foster mommy, now let me take you on my journey full of both happiness and sadness as a foster mommy over the next few weeks.



Guni Gomez

I grew up in a beautiful German country side, with lots of farms and animals surrounding my parent's home. In our home there were always animals from Budgies to Parrots, Dogs and Cats, Rabbits and we had a permanent resident in the old barn a Hedgehog with its family. I count myself lucky with all the farms around, I was able to witness natures most pressures moments the start of a new life from mating to birth. I saw Chickens hatch, the birth and cleaning of Piglets; I was even able to witness a caesarean on a Cow. Until today I treasure these beautiful moments and wish my kids would have the same chance of experience it.
I am married with 3kids & some furry kids as well. I have spent the past 15 years of my life in one of the most beautiful countries "Malaysia". Where, I started my journey as a volunteer in PAWS.
Now we are Down Under and we continue the journey as volunteers and we became a Foster family for the most needed Fur kids.

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