My daughter bathing a dog


My daughter bathing a dog



Guni Gomez

I grew up in a beautiful German country side, with lots of farms and animals surrounding my parent's home. In our home there were always animals from Budgies to Parrots, Dogs and Cats, Rabbits and we had a permanent resident in the old barn a Hedgehog with its family. I count myself lucky with all the farms around, I was able to witness natures most pressures moments the start of a new life from mating to birth. I saw Chickens hatch, the birth and cleaning of Piglets; I was even able to witness a caesarean on a Cow. Until today I treasure these beautiful moments and wish my kids would have the same chance of experience it.
I am married with 3kids & some furry kids as well. I have spent the past 15 years of my life in one of the most beautiful countries "Malaysia". Where, I started my journey as a volunteer in PAWS.
Now we are Down Under and we continue the journey as volunteers and we became a Foster family for the most needed Fur kids.

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