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A 3 weeks old kit

In Malaysia there are many ways in which a potential rabbit owner can acquire a pet rabbit. However, the most important point to remember is to only acquire rabbits above 8 weeks of age. Impulse buying has caused much heartache and wasted a lot of resources at the expense of new rabbit owners. In the retail industry it is very important to display attractive merchandise and sadly, not only unaware consumers have fallen prey to such gimmick but many young rabbits have died in vain as a result.

In order to attract buyers, cute baby rabbits are always put up for display and many buyers are unaware of their age. Being animals of prey, rabbits do not usually show signs of weakness. Due to that reason, at 4 weeks, a baby rabbit seemed to be all grown up and thriving. In actual fact, that is not the case because internally, a baby rabbitís digestive system is not fully developed until it is at least 8 weeks old.

Most of the time, rabbits purchased too young die of gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhoea. The gut flora in a young rabbit begins to stabilize at the age of 6 weeks onwards. It is further improved by consuming the cecotropes or night faeces eliminated by their dam. Yes, believe it or not, rabbits do reingest their own poop! Weaning baby rabbits at the age of 4 weeks (or below) is not only inhumane but is indeed punishing them with a death sentence. Most irresponsible sellers are not keen of displaying rabbits older than 6 weeks because they look gangly like a teenager going through growth spurt. As consumers we must understand that they will grow out of their gangly stage and always demand for rabbits above 8 weeks of age.


With online adoption portals such as PetFinder.my, those seeking to own a pet rabbit have access to a huge database of pets available for adoption.

A cute 4 weeks old. Most vulnerable age.

Adoption is a double blessing because it not only helps unwanted animals get placed into loving homes; it can also help in eliminating overpopulation caused by unscrupulous breeders.


With the rise of pedigree breeders in Malaysia, one seeking to own a pedigree pet rabbit can always source out for breeders. Buyers must use due diligence when acquiring from breeders. Some breeders may also offer their rabbits for adoption from time to time. Show rabbit breeders often give up non-show able or show unworthy rabbits for free adoption or for a minimal fee.

It is reasonable to view rabbits at the breederís rabbitry but as a breeder, I do not open my rabbitry to any visitor for many reasons. The main reason is that buyers may be rabbitry hopping on a particular day and without them knowing might have carried infectious disease into my rabbitry after visiting another prior to mine. I shall write about identifying good and bad breeders in my future articles.


A gangly looking 8 weeks old that will blossom into a beautiful matured rabbit at 6 months.

Pet Store

The pet store may be the last option that I will consider because of the number of animals converging into the same location. The many sources the animals arrive from may harbor undesirable diseases. Like anything else, some pet stores may be cleaner and their livestock may come from better sources. Again, buyers must exercise due diligence when buying from pet stores. One should avoid getting a rabbit altogether if there is any sign of illness in the pet store.


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Timothy Chan

I am an animal lover since the age of 8 years old and in 2007, I took on the role of a show rabbit enthusiasts specializing in the Holland Lop breed. Through the years of raising this wonderful breed, I have also shared my experiences raising them at my blog - http://www.truluvrabbitry.com. My time away from the usual routine of work, family, my rabbits and blogging is mostly spent educating and sharing my knowledge with fellow rabbit enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

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