5 Myths We Need To Debunk



1.Desexing makes my dog fat.FALSE!

After desexing, your dog will have a lower metabolism. If you feed your dog the same amount as you did prior to desexing, it will gain weight. Over-feeding makes your dog fat as well as lack of exercise, not desexing.

2.Desexing will change its personality.FALSE!

When your dog gets desexed, it will lose its sex hormones which in turn changes its main focus in life which is to reproduce. It makes them a much nicer pet as they do not feel the need to escape and find a mate, be territorial or aggressive when a mate is around or be anxious because they cannot find a mate.

3.Pregnant women must get rid of their cats.FALSE!

Your doctor has told you that you should get rid of the cat because your baby will be born deformed. Do you know why and what he is referring to? Your doctor is referring to a parasite called Toxoplasma. Key things to know are:

  • Cats only shed this parasite once in their life. Kittens are the usual culprits.
  • You can only contract Toxoplasmosis if you accidentally ingest cat faeces that is more than 24hrs old. This would only occur if you handle faeces without wearing gloves and without washing your hands. Please dont eat cat feaces even if its fresh.
  • Most people are immune to Toxoplasmosis anyway, you would have been exposed to it either in your childhood when you ate some dirt accidentally, eating improperly washed salad or partially cooked meat.

4.My dogs saliva has healing properties.FALSE!

Your dogs saliva does not have healing properties nor is it harmful. However, if your dog has just licked its privates clean, it’s best not to let them lick your mouth. Also, 85% of dogs over 3 years have dental disease and therefore can have harmful bacteria in their mouths. So, lift up their lips and check their teeth today.

5.My pet is too old for surgery. FALSE!

There is no such thing as too old for surgery. No one can tell you that without first doing a through health exam and running a blood test to check their kidney and liver function. What the vet is really saying is I do not want to do surgery on your pet because its a hassle. Anaesthetics nowadays are a lot safer than in the past. We also have much more advanced monitoring capabilities. And most importantly, vets are more skilled and experienced now.


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Isabel Ling

I graduated from University of Queensland in 2008 with a degree in Veterinary Science. I went on to work in a busy small animal clinic where I learnt to treat all kinds of ailments. I recently came back to Malaysia to have my first child and am planning open my own clinic in KL soon.

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    Tks for clarifying n debunking these myths. Pet owners, pls spay/neuter yr pets and pregnant women, pls DO NOT get rid of yr cats. It’s not necessary and they ll suffer just because if misinformation n superstition .

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