Please Welcome The Perlis Animal Lovers Society (PALS)!


Let’s give a warm welcome and loads of support to the newly-formed ‘Perlis Animal Lovers Society’ (PALS), presided by Puan Marshida and so far comprising around 10 people committed to helping our furry friends in the northern state of Perlis. Here’s an email we received from Zuraidah Mohd Zain, asking for permission to use content from our blog and website, to which we of course answered favorably. For more info about PALS and to show them so love, do not hesitate to get in touch with Zuraidah : she can be contacted here.
Dear Narelle,
Let me first introduce myself. I am Zuraidah Mohd Zain, an animal lover, and one who admires the work you have put into caring for street animals, as well as the blog that you have developed. In Perlis, we do not have a proper set up to help street animals. But a few of us got together and form the ‘Perlis Animal Lovers Society’ (PALS), of which Puan Marshida is the president. There are less than 10 of us, and we do not have much resources. But we are determined to work hard and make full use of what little we have.
The reason I write this email is to seek your permission to use some of the content in your blog. We find that you have very good content that we would like to translate into Bahasa Malaysia. After translating, we would like to print and distribute to our members as well as the Perlis general public as part of our awareness campaign. We need to do it in Bahasa Malaysia because our target readers are the Perlis Malay population who do not read much English. Of course, we will acknowledge your website in our translation work.
I hope you will allow us to build on what you already have, so that more people are aware of the responsibility they carry towards our furry friends.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Zuraidah Mohd Zain

Source: http://www.langkawilassie.org.my/blog/other-organizations/please-welcome-the-perlis-animal-lovers-society-pals/




The Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation is set-up to receive, rehabilitate and care for neglected, abused and needy animals. The organization also runs the Langkawi Island Animal Clinic - a charity project aimed at the sterilization of the stray cat & dog population. Both are non profit ventures, staffed partly by volunteers and aimed at improving the lives of unwanted animals.

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