To-Do List Before Bringing Bunny Home


Things You Should Do Before Bringing Your Bunny Home

As preparation before bringing a bunny home, there are a few things to be taken into consideration to ensure that the bunny will have a happy environment to live in. There are many different options that work well within a wide range of budgets. From a modest cage setup to a bunny-proof apartment or condominium space, there are ways to setup the most comfortable bunny home.

Cage or Free Roaming

The most basic setup that works very well for a dwarf breed rabbit like the Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf and Mini Rex

Rabbits in the wild are burrowing animals and the domesticated rabbits have inherited the trait of burrowing. Though we are unable to mimic the natural environment, we can always provide a safe corner for bunny to find solace and feel protected. If you are considering getting bunny a cage to live in most of the time during the day, it is best to get as huge a cage as possible or at least big enough for bunny to lie down, stand on two feet and hop for at least 3 steps. Some owners may want to let bunny out to roam the larger space under supervision. Should bunny be allowed to roam freely at home, the house should be bunny proofed.

Bunny Proofing

In order to keep their teeth filed down, rabbits need to chew and gnaw. When left to roam freely at home, they tend to gnaw on furniture and even electrical cords. If owners do not mind their furniture being chewed upon, the least they can do is to ensure all electrical cords are well protected.

Toilet Habits

I do not consider it as toilet training but rabbits are habitual animals where

An example of a triangular litter box that helps with odor control and reduce cleaning effort.

they will choose a corner to relieve themselves. Rabbit owners keeping their pet in a cage will soon notice that their rabbit has chosen a particular spot as the “toilet” and can place a triangular litter tray at that spot.

For those planning to allow free roaming, it is advisable for them to start bunny off within a small area and slowly increase the roaming radius once bunny has ascertained its “toilet”. Soon bunny will be able to roam the entire home and return to the toilet when needed.



Timothy Chan

I am an animal lover since the age of 8 years old and in 2007, I took on the role of a show rabbit enthusiasts specializing in the Holland Lop breed. Through the years of raising this wonderful breed, I have also shared my experiences raising them at my blog - http://www.truluvrabbitry.com. My time away from the usual routine of work, family, my rabbits and blogging is mostly spent educating and sharing my knowledge with fellow rabbit enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

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