Christmas With Our New Foster Boy - Charlie The Dalmation


Charlie's first meal...

In my past article, I described how my fostering journey began, and I got my first foster dog during the Christmas season. Here he was — Charlie, the BROWN spotted Dalmatian — what a handsome boy!

First we took him to the backyard were his bed was (provided by SA Dog Rescue) and his outdoor place. The Lady told us that Charlie was kept most of his life (9.5 yrs) outside, and asked us to try and train him to live indoors as well. That was quite a challenge! Charlie has a soul of a very friendly dog, great with the kids and kinda “manja” at his own time. The very same day we got him, we allowed him to come into the house. He was all excited and sniffing all over the place. Unfortunately, he was not de-sexed yet and he “loved” my Christmas tree *aaaarrrrgh*…

Well, as for the punishment he had to go out onto the balcony. Silly me, there was my little herbal garden. Luckily I arrived just in time before he could lift his leg! While cleaning up the tree, I observed him on the balcony and strangely he was walking up and down, not having sat down at all. Once I finished cleaning, I allowed him back into the house under strict observation. He was walking up and down sniffing here and there, came to us to get his pats and walked again. He made us all a bit nervous and so we let him into the backyard again.  He went straight to his bed and settled down. We left him to rest and later on I gave him his food and played with him outside. We knew it would be hard work to get Charlie to stay calm inside, but we had to try as the new owner would surely want a dog that can stay both indoors and outdoors. The next thing we lined up for Charlie was a Vet appointment to get him de-sexed, sometime beginning of January. Till then, I had to keep a close eye on Charlie and my Christmas tree.

As he acted more like a puppy than a 9-year-old, we decided to bring him to Belair National Park for a hike the very next day.


Manja time for Charlie



Guni Gomez

I grew up in a beautiful German country side, with lots of farms and animals surrounding my parent's home. In our home there were always animals from Budgies to Parrots, Dogs and Cats, Rabbits and we had a permanent resident in the old barn a Hedgehog with its family. I count myself lucky with all the farms around, I was able to witness natures most pressures moments the start of a new life from mating to birth. I saw Chickens hatch, the birth and cleaning of Piglets; I was even able to witness a caesarean on a Cow. Until today I treasure these beautiful moments and wish my kids would have the same chance of experience it.
I am married with 3kids & some furry kids as well. I have spent the past 15 years of my life in one of the most beautiful countries "Malaysia". Where, I started my journey as a volunteer in PAWS.
Now we are Down Under and we continue the journey as volunteers and we became a Foster family for the most needed Fur kids.

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