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Reinforcing wire mesh on the base of the cage makes it comfortable for bunny

Previously, I wrote about the essentials that one needs to start keeping a rabbit as pet. In this article, I would like to share what are the other necessities needed to keep a bunny happy and healthy. There are many products in the market that are targeted for pet owners rather than the their pets and therefore, I hope that this article will help rabbit owners ascertain between “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”.

The general rule of thumb for cage size is to ensure that it is large enough for bunny to lie down all stretched out, enough room for bunny to hop at least 2 hops and high enough for bunny to stand on its hind legs. In fact, the larger the space the better. Unfortunately for rabbit owners, most cages available in the market are catered for larger pets like dogs and cats. Due to that reason, the gaps of the wire at the base of these cages are too wide and could probably be a health hazard. Without a good support for their feet, rabbits can develop sore hocks. Sore hocks are very painful when infection sets in and the infected area becomes inflamed.†The easiest and most cost effective way to prevent such problem, the base of the cages should be reinforced with 1cm x 1cm wire mesh that can be easily purchased at hardware stores.

The most affordable rabbit toy!

It is also good to provide some mental stimulation especially if you are leaving bunny on its own most of the time.

There are many fancy chew toys available in the market but personally, I prefer to provide them with simple Do-It-Yourself toys. One that I have been using effectively is made of toilet roll and hay. I would normally cut a small strip off the toilet roll and stuff hay into it. My rabbits not only enjoy chewing on the hay but also flipping it all over their cages.

And there you have it, two more essentials for your list of must haves besides from those mentioned in the previous posts.




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