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Rotty blood test result is out and we have the below findings:

Low Amount of Haemoglobin:

Rotty seems to be suffering from anemia, with an abnormally low amount of haemoglobin. Hemoglobin delivers oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body, and a patient who is anemic will suffer from symptoms related to a lack of oxygen.

Red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and are released into the blood where they circulate for approximately two months. As they age or become damaged, they are removed from the bloodstream, and their components are recycled to form new red blood cells. The number of red blood cells may become reduced because of decreased production or increased loss of red blood cells.

High White Cell Count:

The white blood cells perform the task of defending the body from viruses, bacteria, fungi and other intruders. An increased level of white blood cells may mean that the dog has an infection or even cancer.

The normal levels of white cell blood counts may depend on the dogs breed and age, however, the average count is between 6,000 and 17,000 per microliter of blood but Rottys white blood cell count is 23,100 per microliter of blood.

Rottys result also shows that he is both high on Neutropholis and Monocytes count, obviously sign of serious bacterial infections.

Liver Function (Low Albumin & High Globulin)

Albumin and Globulin are the two major proteins in the blood. Globulins measure the antibody proteins, so truly high globulins could mean chronic infection or inflammation. Albumin is an important blood protein, and it is made by the liver. If it is low, this would mean either the dog isn’t making enough (which may indicate a liver problem) or he is making it but losing it somewhere.

Renal Function (Low Calcium Level)

Indeed Rotty may be showing signs of kidney failure with his results indicating low level of calcium in his blood.

With the above results, the vet has provided Rotty with additional medications based on his condition to help boost up Rottys immune system, hoping it will make him stronger to face whatever treatments coming up for him.

At this stage, we are still waiting for the lab results on the sample we have sent in for testing. Stay tune for more updates and at the meantime, please send all your positive vibes to Rotty. He needs PLENTY!

After 3 months spotted this rotten penis dog, today God sent angels to rescue him. Thank you to all volunteers who make the rescue mission happened.

Thank you to Chris Kuah for the sleeping pills, and thank you to Terri and her mother who help us foster this dog until we receive the sampling result from UPM next week.

The dog has been sent to Venice Vet in Bukit Mertajam. Unfortunately due to no boarding space, and too malnutrition, this dog has to be treated at home with nutritious diet and extra tender loving care until his sampling result is ready. And vet told us to fatten him up to make sure he is ready to receive the aggressive treatment.

Please pray for this dog.

For those who would like to donate to this dog (food, medical bill etc), kindly write to mddb.mccp@gmail.com.

Or u can use APSP’s temporary account number
Bank: RHB
Account No: 10206900222790
Account Holder: Tan Fen Ying

Thank u

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The SPCA Seberang Perai is a society registered in September 2005. Our primary aim is to reduce the population of stray animals or possibly a zero stray population in a humane manner. With lesser strays or no strays at all, the loving value of animals will be greatly increased and you can be sure that humans will shower more love for their pets and be responsible pet owners. The problem should not only be shouldered by our Society as the public must also understand the urgent need to control the pet population and give their whole-hearted support to all our projects for the undertaking to be successful. Then we will achieve a clean and hygienic environment for the community. As a no killing organization, we are embarking on a two-prong approach towards the problem i.e public education and sterilization of the stray animals.

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