Kabang, Philippine's Hero Dog Loses Snout Saving Owner


A dog who lost her snout saving two little girls from being hit by a motorcycle has been greeted with a heros welcome on her return to the Philippines.

Kabang arrived in Zamboanga City on Sunday after eight months of medical treatment in the United States.

The hound has even been bestowed with the title ambassador of dogwill by Mayor Celso Lobregat, the Philippines Star reported.

Kabangs duties will include being an advocate of animal welfare, pet ownership and responsibility not only in Zamboanga but nationwide, the newspaper added.

Kabang suffered her horrendous injuries after she was run over in December 2011. The two-year-old mixed breed had leapt into the path of the bike to apparently stop it from running over her owners teenage daughter and niece.

An account of her accident on the website Care For Kabang reads: “The brave dogs face was severely injured in the impact because she struck the motorcycle head on.

“The children were unhurt and the motorist had a few bruises, but Kabang lost the entire top part of her mouth. Tragically, the heroic leap planted her snout directly into the wheel of the motorcycle. When the bike flipped, her snout and jaw was ripped from her face.”

Filipino vet Anton Lim accompanied Kabang to an animal hospital in California for seven months, funded by $27,000 in donations which had been raised by well-wishers from around the world.

Though doctors performed extensive surgery on Kabang’s wounds, they were unable to reconstruct her jaw or snout, the Associated Press revealed.

Kabangs owner Rudy Bunggal told Inquirer News he was grateful for the donations for his dogs surgery and admitted he had received offers to adopt her.

While Bunggal has expressed fears about how he will support Kabang, her vets have confirmed they are looking into how to help the family best take care of her.






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