Happy Birthday Kerby Baby!


Heyo Heyo Friends!

Last Sunday SCRATCH members were invited to celebrate Kerby’s Birthday Pawty! It was one awesome birthday party bash we would say. Kerby is a Japanese Spitz and you can read about its characteristics here,yeah click here.

Kerby was sold by a backyard breeder to an individual and later given to a married couple with a 10 years old son. Drawn to Kerby’s cuteness the married couple took in Kerby and Kerby got his first name, Snow White. Humans are an amazing creature. Our lust travels faster than the speed of light and the gray matter up above in our head always lagging behind when comes to animal welfare (read: cynicism). We buy pets and do the homework later. If the pets somehow does not fit in our life, we trash them or let someone else take care the mess we made.

After three hours adoring Snow White (a/k/a Kerby) the mother decided it was not safe to keep Snow White with her 10 years old son. Unable to return Kerby to the backyard breeder, she called one of the famous pet shop in Bangsar and offered Kerby to the one of the workers at that pet shop.The couple spoke to that lady, just an average lady with an average income but rich with empathy and compassion towards abandoned pets, stray animals and abused animals. They finally shift the burden of having a Spitz for three hours to an average lady who has no second thought to call that Spitz her baby and treat him like her own son. From then on, Snow White has a new name, Kerby.   

Kerby was so lucky to have found that lady, wasnt he? That is what we normal human being would think. However this lady has a different view. She said she was lucky that Kerby came to her life and God sent Kerby to be the guardian angel. Kerby grew up and he is indeed an angel. He was an angel in the past, he is still an angel now and he will be forever our angel.

Kerby with his brother, Pumpkin managed to change many people’s (esp the local community) perceptions towards dogs. Kerby managed to uplift the fears that many people had with his charming personality. Being brought up together with 12 cats in the house, Kerby sometimes more comfortable socializing with cats or kittens. In fact most of the time he leaves us in confusion! Is Kerby a dog or another gigantic cat?? This very happy dog is good with children and take a good care of any abandoned kitten (surprisingly~). 

Kerby adopted his mummy and daddy when he was still a puppy. He grew up with his brother, Pumpkin and with 12 others feline siblings. Now Kerby is 10 years old. To Kerby’s mummy and daddy, he never aged and he is still their puppy but of course, an over-sized puppy. Mummy and daddy decided to throw a birthday party for Kerby and invited SCRATCH members to celebrate this joyous celebration.  

Celebrating a pet’s birthday (in this case a dog) requires a fine detail especially the food. We would like to share with you how to plan a birthday party for your pet in general or dog in particular.

1. Date of Birth or equivalent date

You may have bought your dog from a pet shop and it comes with a pedigree certificate in which you can find all the particular details of your dog. 

If you rescued the dog from your local pound (we salute you the most!), you can either take the date the dog adopted you, or you may estimate the dog’s d.o.b with the assistance of your local vet. 

Whether you shop or adopt, don’t forget to mark on the calender and stick to it! 

2. Invitation-Human friends and Pet friends

List down who to invite and priority should be given to those who have dogs. However we should not limit the invitation to those who own dogs instead we can invite two or three human friends with no pets and who knows, after seeing the blast celebration they might adopt a dog~!

Do some homework on the characteristics of the invited dogs. Some may have different temperaments and behaviors which may need different handling or might not be suitable to be in the party. However we do not suggest any breed to be discriminated. It just that extra precautions should be taken when comes to aggressive dogs. 

Ahaaa, don’t forget to send the invitation cards or invitation through facebook. Ouh, and you, the invited ones, please rsvp.  
3. The Place: Yard/Lawn or Indoor

If your place have a yard, that is probably the best area to celebrate the party. However you need to ensure the fences are all intact and stable. Some dogs may have the ability to climb and we do not want such incidents spoil the party. The area should be cleared and free from rubbish or hazardous materials. Some areas of your lawn may be dangerous for the dogs and you can’t do anything except fencing that area. Please advise the other dog owners and keep your eyes as sharp as the Doberman’s pointy ears when any dogs approaches that area.

It’s okay if you dont have spacious lawn or yard. You can still arrange a great party indoor. However you need to calculate the area of your house and how many dogs can come in at one time. This is to avoid unnecessary stresses to the birthday dog and the attendees. Make sure you buy tons of toys for the dogs to play and please watch out any possibility of fighting. 

4. Birthday Cake!!    
This is the highlight of the day. Human cakes may not be safe for dogs consumption. Dogs respond adversely to chocolates, alcohol and many more. You can read articles that discuss the dangerous foods for dogs here, here and here. If you plan to bake your own cake, please google and find the recipe specifically for dogs. 

Another safer way to have a birthday cake for your dog is by finding a dog-friendly bakery/baker. Ouh Kerby had a lamb and beef blended with peanut butter cake. The fondant was made from sugar. Kerby’s mummy was advised  by the baker not to over feed Kerby with the fondant. Oh well everything must go with moderation. Too much of everything will never be good!

You might find the cake is a bit expensive but for a dog that you have considered as part of your family, this amount is incomparable to his loyalty, charms and happiness he brought. We at SCRATCH would like to wish      

Dear Kerby Baby
Happy Birthday To You! 

Kerby and his human parents are lucky to have each other. We pray that Kerby will be healthy for many more years to come. 

Now remember this, whenever you plan to shop  pets especially cats and dogs; they are living creature, they have souls and emotion, in some circumstances they are better than us human. We urge you, our respected readers to stop buying dogs or cats for pets, instead go visit your local pound to adopt. 

Ouh dont forget to invite us if you plan to have a birthday party for  you furbabies!  

-Encik Memerangemok-

Source: http://kucingterbiaranjingjalanan.blogspot.com/2013/09/happy-birthday-kerby-baby.html




SCRATCH's main mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, and abused cats and to find as many of them as possible new homes with loving owners once they have been treated/nursed back to health and spayed/neutered (aka speutered).

We realize that we cannot always be successful in finding homes for all of the cats that need one, so an associated goal is to minimize the stray cat population by capturing, speutering, releasing and managing those that we cannot find homes for.

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