Catching Up On Stories From Bunnys Place And The Patio



Tabs is back to her old self again now, monopolising her “editor’s chair”.

She’s also making crafty escapades from the room to the living room, as before, like a little Speedy Gonzales. Am so glad her “illness” was not FIP or pancreatitis. However, we don’t know what it was. Just that, she is well now. She has a few more days of antibiotics to go, after which I shall be fortifying her with immune boosters and probiotics. She is already on probiotics even now.



Today, I witnessed a whole episode of Cleo bullying Cow.

Poor Cow got whacked by his niece and shoo-ed down from the editor’s chair.


Over at the patio, the mother-and-son are always around.


While Vincent tries his best to sneak into the house.

Catching up on my sleep; you won’t know how tired you are until everything is over.


Indy is still obsessed…with driving everyone away.


And Timmy is getting to be extremely naughty these days.

He goes to the Stargate and taunts Cow, Bunny and whoever is there.


I didn’t realise how big Timmy has become. He’s not just fat; he is really huge.


Ginger helping me with Blanket No. ?? (I’ve lost count!)



Rosie chilling out.


Tabs wants to help with the blanket too.

But I have to be careful when Tabs comes out. Tabs might have caught a bug from one of the patio cats since that’s her only contact with the outside world. The patio cats may be carriers, but they themselves have immunity.


Nowadays, Daffodil sleeps in the cage.

It’s been cold, so I’ve prepared cardboard boxes at the patio. There are also two in the kitchen in case they sneak in when it rains.




This piece took me more than a week as it was differently designed initially. It didn’t look nice, so I unpicked and redid. Needlework is all about patience.


Meanwhile, Mr Zurik still comes twice a day, but he always comes late.

So, when he comes, the rest will wonder why they don’t get food.

And everyone gets a wee bit.


Mr Zurik is friendly.

None of the patio cats are titans.

Cow, Bunny and Indy – THEY are the titans, and they cannot be unleashed or…

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    Dear Dr Chan, it’s always sooo pleasant & nice/clam to read about the stories about yr cats/babies w you, u r such a dedicated n loving ‘mum’; they are extreme lucky to share their lives w you :-)

    I am sharing my apartment with 7 cats (back home)….more while working (ie. fostering)…. am wishing to hv my dream home 1 day …so they cu hv a nice garden like yours to run around, feel d grass/earth/tree :-)

    p/s hv not done much for d community cats @ office lately, my hands r full w a sick & handicapped kitten w me, plus dear mum hv health problem…hope start again soon.

  2. avatar

    Dear dr chan,

    wondering if u hv any idea how to solve this proble – my cats r driving me nuts lately. :’(

    All of my cats used to do their “business” (urine) in d potty in d bathroom……. but lately, someo f them decided 2 urinate next to my sofa & two other spots in my kitchen…. its sooo dirty n my poor little apartment smells terible (urine)!!!

    Someome please please help/advise

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