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Dear Friends,

Meet Atilla and Hero. Two pups we rescued 2 months ago from a monsoon drain. They are very docile and timid – and after two months of being in our foster care they are still timid with other people but the fosterers that take care of them temporarily. 
So we look at them as special. They won’t be the type to run to you as they see you but they will take their time to get to know and love you. 
This is probably the hardest part about doing the work I do for animals – its easy to re-home the dogs and cats that will run straight to you, kiss you and go with you, but the ones that need the work – they will stare at you like you’re an alien, run away from you and hide somewhere – its hard to find adopters for these ones. 
And the two we have right now Atilla and Hero deserve a home just as much as the friendlier dogs. Pups like Atilla and Hero remind me that not all of us are the same and that’s why life is beautiful. 
But I know I have to keep trying to find homes for them. I know we have to keep trying. That’s the purpose about helping dogs in Malaysia. If we can show how much we love, care and respect them – then all the madness that goes around about dogs become something everyone thinks about. 
So my plea here is simple. 
Get this story out to people. Tag them, email them, SMS them…my instinct tells me there’s a home for Atilla and Hero out there. 
I haven’t found it yet. 
We haven’t found it yet. 
God bless our mission to find them homes soon. 

Yours sincerely,

012 2026384

Source: http://rescue2rehome.blogspot.com/2013/10/dear-friends-meet-atilla-and-hero.html



Independent Pet Rescuers

IPR is a coalition of independent pet rescuers that are focused on the same mission of rescuing animals and finding homes for them, having been in operation for over 7 years.

They have a weekly adoption drive at Hartamas Shopping Centre at Plaza Damas every Saturday, 1pm - 6pm.

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