A Happy Reunion


Lilian and Alina at Wei Ching's house during the happy reunion

PetFinder.my has recently received a touching testimonial, and we would like to share it with everyone as it is a great, inspiring example for owners with lost pets to never give up hope, and the suitable measures they can take to increase the chances of recovering their beloved pets.

To better share the story with our readers, we have interviewed the parties involved — Alina Rastam, the owner of Ody the lost cat; and Wei Ching, the hero that rescued Ody and reunited him with the anxious family. They have gladly shared in-depth recollections of the happenings leading to the happy, tearful reunion. Enjoy the first-hand accounts below, and we are sure you’d be as touched as us after reading the story!

Alina Rastam, owner of Ody the lost cat:

My housemate Lilian and I live in Seputeh. Our cat Ody went missing on New Year’s Eve 2013. We put him in the garden to play with our kitten, as we often do, but when we looked for him, he was gone. Normally he goes off but always stays close to the house and comes back soon; this time he didn’t. Perhaps he was frightened by the firecrackers and ran off and lost his way.

After a few days, we got worried and started posting notices in the neighbourhood about his loss. Lilian, and I were very sad as we loved Ody very, very much. We walked and drove up and down the neighbourhood late at night, when it was quiet, looking for him. We scoured every drain, nook and cranny, asked our neighbours to help keep an eye out and I put a notice on PetFinder.my with Ody’s photos and description. I didn’t have much hope of success, as I saw so many lost cats on PetFinder.my, and I knew that the chances of finding our beloved Ody were very slim.

As the days passed, I started losing hope of ever seeing Ody again. With great sadness, we started putting away his cat bed, toys and other things. Then, on the night of 17/1/14, I got an email from PetFinder.my member Koo Wei Ching, who told me that Ody was safe and sound at her house. He had turned up on 13/1/14. Lilian and I were absolutely delighted, but we tried not to get out hopes up too much in case the cat was an Ody look-a-like and not him. The next morning, we called Wei Ching, got her address (a few streets away from us) and went to her house.

When we went into the house we saw a cat and our hopes were dashed as it was not Ody. But Wei Ching told us to go on into the kitchen – and there Ody was, having his breakfast!! Wei Ching told us that she was very happy for us as she had lost her own beloved cat, Lucky (there is a notice about Lucky on PetFinder.my, please do keep an eye out for Lucky and perhaps we can help this kind person get her own cat back) and she knew how we felt on losing Ody.

I know that only a very small number of pets who go missing get reunited with their humans again; and Lilian and I are extremely thankful to have our Ody back with us. Our deep thanks to PetFinder.my and Wei Ching for your wonderful work.


Happy Ody in a sink!

Wei Ching, hero & rescuer of Ody:

Our whole family is very happy to reunite Ody with his humans.

We lost our beloved cat Lucky last August (http://www.petfinder.my/pets/47885/). Though chances are slim, we hoped for miracle to happen, hoped to have someone contacting us, telling us that they found Lucky. We posted for help online, putting up notices and going around in our neighborhood searching for him. Sadly, we found no traces of Lucky…

Jan 13th, Ody came to our house. My mom saw him from the kitchen window, thinking it was Lucky and called out to him. Ody answered, meowing and jumped in via the window. Then onwards, he explored my (other) cat’s food bowl, sniffed all over the house and marked the spot above our oven as his favourite sleeping spot.

He never left the house since the day he decided to stick to us. Well, except for doing his business that lasted not more than an hour.

“He must be a lost cat.”

Jan 17th, I took some photos of Ody, front look, side patterns, tail and collar. Preparing to post on FB, hoping to reach his owner somehow. And then I remembered PetFinder.my.

“Someone must have gone down the same path and did the same thing.”

And there I saw, Ody’s photo. The description, location, color, pattern… all matched! This must be him! Excited I emailed Alina. She came to fetch Ody the next day.

Very glad to see them reunite. We might never see Lucky ever again but happy to see that miracle happening to Ody and Alina.


Ody lazing on his favourite cushion

Thus Ody was reunited with Alina, thanks to the kindness and sharpness of Wei Ching who spent significant effort to locate his owner. And what a truly happy and inspiring story indeed!

We hope that Wei Ching will be able to recover her own cat Lucky, who has been lost since August last year. Below is a photo of Lucky, and you can click into the PetFinder.my Lost Pet Profile for further details. Let’s all lend Wei Ching a helping hand by keeping an eye out for Lucky, and may they have a happy reunion too in the near future!

Wei Ching's lost cat - Lucky. Have you seen him?


Note: If you have a lost pet, please check out our Lost & Found Guidelines for further tips. Never give up hope!





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