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The name Winnie Loo is synonymous with style and elegance in the salon industry. An entrepreneur embodying vision and passion, she has successfully carved a hair-styling empire with A Cut Above, the renowned chain of luxurious salons. An impressive list of honors illuminates her career, including the Ernst & Young Woman Entrepreneur of The Year Award in 2010, and she is the only Malaysian to receive the World Master of the Craft title.

Although her days are filled with the numerous responsibilities of a successful businesswoman, Datin Winnie Loo allocates a generous amount of her time to charitable undertakings. Her latest welfare endeavor involves stepping into the role of Celebrity Ambassador, participating in HOPE JB animal shelter’s coffee table book (CTB) project and increasing animal welfare awareness on PetFinder.my.

“It all started when I was approached by my friends on the We Are Family team who organized HOPE’s coffee table book,” explained Datin Winnie Loo. “I love animals and jumped at the opportunity to make a difference to the strays. This is a really unique project and a fantastic effort. Although my past charity work pertained to human welfare, I’ve always been a strong proponent in encouraging pet adoption.”

The latest addition to her family, naughty Nori

For HOPE’s CTB project, she has graciously offered professional make-up and hair styling by her A Cut Above team to all photo shoot participants, and she herself is participating as a Celebrity Ambassador to help generate further awareness for animal welfare. This project aims to raise at least RM300,000 for HOPE, which is in dire need of funds to relocate to a new shelter, as they will be evacuated from the existing land soon. Supporting over 1,000 stray animals, the shelter urgently requires public assistance to continue its extremely challenging stray rescue work.


Having been an avid dog lover since her childhood, Datin Winnie Loo has always found solace and excellent companionship in her furry buddies, never feeling lonely when accompanied by her loyal canines. “Dogs are some of the best friends one could ever ask for,” she smiled, recalling fond memories of her beloved dogs, all of whom were adopted.

Recently, her son wanted a pet, and they brought home a French Bulldog puppy named Nori. Unfortunately, it did not go down well for her existing dog of 7 years, Cayman, who was used to being the sole recipient of much pampering from the family members. The two dogs ended up vying for attention, with Nori crying day and night. They tried numerous ways to calm and pacify Nori but to no avail — he continued to throw tantrums. Datin Winnie’s husband grew exasperated with the commotion and was on the verge of asking his son to give up the dog. Fortunately, the mother-and-son team managed to convince exhausted daddy to give Nori another chance.

“My husband was visibly upset and after after enduring sleepless nights and immense noise in the house, he said, ‘This is it!’. We were clueless on how to stop Nori from his tantrums. But what I do know is that dogs need our patience and love, and we should never give up or give in, no matter how tough the task may seem.”

Perseverance paid off, and Nori has adapted well to the new environment

The initial three months were the toughest for them, but fortunately, things took a better turn thereafter. Although as energetic as ever, Nori has adapted to the environment and is better behaved now, owing to the patience, kindness and consistent training by his human family.

“Dogs are just like humans. When they are young, they need a lot of attention and care. Patience won the game.”

As Nori anxiously demanded his turn to be “interviewed”, Datin Winnie Loo concluded with a strong call to the public, “Please give a chance to the homeless animals. Adopt or inherit them from others. It will certainly change both your life and the animal’s life for the better, and you will never worry about being alone again. You can also participate in HOPE’s meaningful Coffee Table Book project and share with your friends too.”

Datin Winnie Loo urges public to support HOPE Coffee Table Book project & animal welfare

HOPE JB’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hopejb

PetFinder.my sincerely thanks the following parties for collaborating in this interview:
Celebrity Ambassador: Datin Winnie Loo
Organizer: We Are Family (Nancie Foo, Joyce Yong & Team)
Photography & Videography: Kelvin Cheah @ Baa Bra Brack Ship
Interviewer: Chan Min En
Editor: Amanda Coffin
Author: Andy Koh





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