My Happy Ending #2 - Gu Mi-Ho


Before Dulu
Now Sekarang
1         Cat/Dogs Name
Nama kucing/anjing
Gu Mi-Ho
2         Cat/Dogs Caretaker Name
Nama Penjaga kucing/anjing
Encik MemeranGemok
3         Location Rescued
Lokasi Diselamatkan
4         Date Rescued
Tarikh Diselamatkan
5         Cat/Dogs Condition when rescued
Keadaan kucing/anjing semasa diselamatkan
Malnourished but overall she was healthy. She was rescued by an independent rescuer named Stuart Tan. He asked me to foster MiHo before he could find an adopter. Well MiHo found her forever home that is by my side. 
6         Cat/Dogs Character
Sifat Kucing/Anjing
Extremely clingy when she was young. Now she likes to accompany me while I am doing my homework and assignments. The most loyal cat I ever had and I thank God for letting MiHo came into my life .
7         How my cat/dog got his/her name
Macam mana  kucing/anjing mendapat namanya?
Gu Mi-Ho is the legendary nine-tailed fox which was sealed in a painting by the fairy godmother. The fox was cheeky and cunning but behaved like a deity whenever necessary. Same goes to my MiHo. When she was young, she used to turn my room upside down and whenever I came back from work she never failed to give me a tsunami-like scenery to the room. When she grew a bit older, she grew to be a goddess in my life. 
8         My cat/dog condition now is.
Keadaan kucing/anjing saya sekarang .
She is now almost 2 years old, a well fed cat and she is now like my own child. She was never fat to me in fact she is forever having a ‘Just Nice’ model like figure to me and  to some of my friends.  
She never had a litter but she is a good surrogate mother! She nursed new kittens I fostered and she is indeed good at doing it without even having her own baby. Cats, most of the time surpass human intelligence!
9         Why I chose to spay/neuter my cat/dog
Mengapa saya memilih untuk memandulkan Kucing/anjing saya
I chose to spay my MiHo because I do not want her to undergo unnecessary labor pains. I do not want her to have any litters which soon will multiply exponentially. She was a stray cat before I met her and she should have a good quality of life now, which means, she has the choice to eat, groom and play at her own sweet time.

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SCRATCH's main mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, and abused cats and to find as many of them as possible new homes with loving owners once they have been treated/nursed back to health and spayed/neutered (aka speutered).

We realize that we cannot always be successful in finding homes for all of the cats that need one, so an associated goal is to minimize the stray cat population by capturing, speutering, releasing and managing those that we cannot find homes for.

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