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Thanks again, everyone, for asking about my Zurik-bite.

It seems to be a lot better today. For the past two days, it would get inflamed, even hot and I did wonder if it was infected, but today, I’m quite confident that it’s not.

I sprayed Path-Away on it frequently, from the moment I was bitten until now. The wound has closed up and it’s not as swollen or painful today.


And here’s another piece of feedback on Path-Away from Joy Saga:


Joy’s ringworm, before and after, in a span of three days with two applications of Path-Away:




If you’d like to purchase Path-Away for your own use and that of your pets’:http://myanimalcare.org/gifts/

Our disclaimer holds. Please consult your doctor and/or veterinarian before using any product on yourself or your pets.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/06/11/path-away-feedback/




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