Cow-Tiger Fight


I don’t know if it was fueled by the presence of a new cat (the white kitty), but Cow terrorised Tiger today, resulting in specks of blood on the ground and very tiny specks of blood around Cow’s shoulder.

By the time I got out to the Clubhouse, I saw Cow facing Tiger at close range, Tiger was sitting under the chair and looking a little scared but calm. Cow was huffing and puffing like a deranged….well, like a deranged Cow, I suppose.

I broke up the fight and that’s when I saw the tiny specks on blood on the ground.

I checked Tiger and could not see any wounds on him at all. He seemed rather calm too.

I couldn’t check Cow – he was the big bad wolf and was ready to eat anyone nearby, so I left him alone. He didn’t look injured….

Later, I managed to check and saw a scratch on his ear.


There’s the scratch.

You see the large V-notch on Cow’s ear? Well, that’s not done by any vet. Cow got himself ear-notched in an alley fight many years ago in our old neighbourhood. I remember that night when he came back from the alley with a very bloody ear. I thought part of his ear had fallen off. I brought him to the vet the next morning and was told that if it doesn’t heal, part of his ear would have to be amputated. But thankfully, it healed and that’s how Cow’s ear got V-notched! It’s actually a battle scar. A hero’s scar, because he was defending the alley from intruders.

When they were neutered way back when, I hadn’t learnt about ear-notching yet.


Tiger looked okay.


Cow looked okay too. So I think it’s just a little scratch. For all you know, he inflicted it on himself! Tiger has never scratched anyone, at least not that I’ve seen.


path away

I dabbed Path-Away onto Cow’s scratch.

mini-P6111050 (2)


Friends again, after the moment of insanity just now.

Now, they are stalking Mr Zurik.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/06/11/cow-tiger-fight/




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