My Happy Ending #3 - Anya A.k.a Anyau



Before Dulu
Now Sekarang
1         Cat/Dogs Name
Nama kucing/anjing
Anya a.k.a Anyau
2         Cat/Dogs Caretaker Name
Nama Penjaga kucing/anjing
3         Location Rescued
Lokasi Diselamatkan
Jalan Raja Chulan
4         Date Rescued
Tarikh Diselamatkan
October 2013
5         Cat/Dogs Condition when rescued
Keadaan kucing/anjing semasa diselamatkan
Malnourished to the point she did not even have energy to stand and eat. Punctured lung filled with puss at one side as a result of being bitten by other bigger cat. According to the vet, she was just about 3 months old that time and was underweight to undergo surgery to drain the puss.
Initially I just wanted to foster her and find an adopter. Seeing she has grown to be so attached to me, I decided to keep her J
6         Cat/Dogs Character
Sifat Kucing/Anjing
She would wait by the door everyday for me to come home to greet me. She is not a lap cat but she likes to chill by my side and she follows me everywhere. She is also a very clean cat not to mention playful, sometimes quite vocal and a high jumper!
7         How my cat/dog got his/her name
Macam mana  kucing/anjing mendapat namanya?
I actually call cats anyau in general so when I found her I called her anyau initially while thinking for a name. So now her official name is Anya but she response the most when being called Anyau.
8         My cat/dog condition now is.
Keadaan kucing/anjing saya sekarang .
She is a pretty cat and almost 1 year old now. Healthy, happy and spayed although she is still coughing daily due to the punctured lung as her lung will not be at its full capacity ever. I just need to monitor her cough to make sure she is still okay and not experiencing any serious complication.
9         Why I chose to spay/neuter my cat/dog
Mengapa saya memilih untuk memandulkan Kucing/anjing saya
I believe in spaying/neutering cats to avoid contributing to stray problems. That happens when you dont have enough ability to handle cats breeding exponentially. It is also for the best interest of both us human and the cat considering the space we have and also her health. She is happier after being neutered believe me! She was in heat at 4 months old and I had to endure her nightly calls and her crazy behavior wanting to dash out the door everytime.

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SCRATCH's main mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, and abused cats and to find as many of them as possible new homes with loving owners once they have been treated/nursed back to health and spayed/neutered (aka speutered).

We realize that we cannot always be successful in finding homes for all of the cats that need one, so an associated goal is to minimize the stray cat population by capturing, speutering, releasing and managing those that we cannot find homes for.

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